Version 2.08

  • Fixed longitude and latitude values at GPGGA and GPRMC sentence on output
  • Added PGRMZ sentance

Version 2.05

  • Added GPVTG sentence on NMEA output

Version 2.04

  • Fixed Becker AR620x frequency limit

Version 2.03

  • Fixed Trig TY91/TY92 volume handling in dual head mode

Version 2.02

  • Fixed Trig TY91/TY92 volume handling in dual head mode

Version 2.01

  • Fixed Trig TY91/TY92 handling
  • Fixed ACD57 radio detection and XPDR mode parsing
  • Fixed frequency reset bug

Version 1.27

  • Added support for AirAvionics ACD57
  • Fix for adjusting frequency on Becker 620X radio

Version 1.26

  • Bugfixes related to trig radio
  • Fixed problem with PTT2

Version 1.25

  • Removed warning reporting from target device

Version 1.24

  • Fixed a bug causing bridge to become unresponsive after a certain time period

Version 1.18

  • Trig TY91 radio additional head support

Version 1.17

  • Added GPVTG NMEA output

Version 1.16

  • Fixed KRT2 Mini problem causing unresponsive radio after PTT pressed
  • ATR833 improved communication

Version 1.15

  • Support for radio family Becker AR620x/RT620x/RCU620x (you need to update main device too)

Version 1.14

  • Support for Trig TY91/92 radio
  • Added transponder reply lamp
  • Improved communication with KRT2 radio

Version 1.12

  • Synchronization with main device changes (processing new TRAFFIC_BLOCK)
  • GPGSA now contains complete satellite information

Version 1.08

  • KRT2 radio now not showing as unresponsive when TX active

Version 1.07

  • Improved airport name handling with radio functionality
  • Bugfix: disabling device works again

Version 1.06

  • Bugfix: communication with main device (Karo) improved

Version 1.05

  • Added GPGSA to NMEA output

Version 1.04

  • KRT2 active frequency set with different method
  • Bugfix: KRT2 radio off detection

Version 1.03

  • Becker BXP 6402 transponder fully supported

Version 1.02

  • Implemented Flarm NMEA sentences
  • Improved communication with radio
  • Improved communication with transponder

Version 1.00

  • Initial release