New Firmware – Version 7 for S-Series (S8x / S10x)

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Version 7


Version 7.0 gives you new scales design, nonlinear scales, improved functionality, support for radio bridge and a lot of other useful things. There are also stability improvements and bugfixes. Upgrade it for free in download firmware section.

Nonlinear scales

First time in digital vario history we are introducing nonlinear scales. Nonlinear scale will help you with more quick and accurate needle readings in weak thermals and with extended range helping you to get readings in strong thermal, not needing to switch scales. Nonlinear scales are supported with all our standard ranges.

2.5 range

5 range

10 range

New scales desing

We designed new scales to make everything very clean and for easier readings

New needle styles!

We are introducing new needles style. You can choose between thin, medium and thick style.




Supported Radio Bridge

We supported 3rd party Radio and Transponder connectivity with radio bridge support on S8x and S10x variometers!

  • Supported all main 8.33 kHz radios (Trig, Becker, KRT2, Funke)

  • Supported all main transponders (Becker BXP6402, Funkwerk TRT800, Trig TT21/22, KTX)

  • Set frequency on the Sxxx which is sent to your radio/transponder

Bridge setup

Radio setup

NMEA setup

XPDR setup

Task save/export/delete

Added support for exporting task to cup file on the SD card. You can save your tasks for reuse or delete it from the list.

Task menu

Task load

Task export

Task delete

Airspace warnings

Now you will get  an Airspace Warning when approaching/entering the Airspace. You can dismiss it for a certain time period.

Assigned Area Task (AAT)

Added possibility to set task time and task remain navbox.

New Navbox Task remain

Set Task time

Navigate to nearest

Finish point can be set to navigate to nearest!

Setting navigate to nearest point in zone edit

Near list

Near waypoint list is allowing you to choose the nearest points -> quicker and easier waypoint selection.

List of nearest waypoints

Various Improvements

  • Flap tape improvements (smoother)

  • Waypoints have nicer names

  • Loading Waypoints files and Airspaces is redesigned. Files are now saved in the device, so you don’t need the SD card for them anymore

  • MacCready/Bugs/Ballast dialog improved visibility

  • Layout improvements (navbox orientation and new graphic look out).

  • Added navboxes

  • Added admin mode

  • Added Wind on BT and PDA port

  • Added Waypoint elevation settings

  • PDA Improvements for second seat

  • Support for multiple update files on device, device will ask you which FW to extract