This product has been discontinued.


The first LXNAV vario

57mm digital variometer. This vario is not in a production anymore and it can work only in combination with LX90xx, LX80xx.



Very Bright Display
V-Series Variometers Sold

Mechanical needle. Standard size.

A mixture of mechanical classical needle operated by a stepper motor and a 2 inch extremely bright display. It fits into a 57mm size hole, which is a standard size on the instrument panel.


Multi-language supported.

Dual Pressure Technology. Electronic or TE Compensation.

3 pressure sensors for Ptot, Pstatis and TE. The vario can be TE or Electronic compensated.

Digital temperature compensated pressure sensors for altitude and airspeed.

Mc. Ballast. Bugs. Digital Input.

6 digital inputs, known as Vario priority, Speed to fly and 4 custom (gear down, airbrakes locked, canopy locked, water opened…).


The radar indicates the relative position of the threat. For each new threat, a pop-up appears automatically when a potential collision course is detected. The system will also produce an audio and a voice warning.


sampling rate for a very fast response

Voice Module. Smooth Audio. Equalizer.

The vario has a built in voice module and an audio equalizer for smooth sound.

Several Variometer Readings.

Instantaneous Vario (outer red pointer), Average Vario (red diamond), MacCready Setting (Blue arrowhead), Thermal Average (Green “T”) making it easy to compare the achieved average and thermal climb rates with the MacCready setting.

Variometers timeline

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