Predecessor of PowerMouse

Extremely small Standalone FLARM  with a built-in 50 channel GPS and GPS antenna and a microSD card. Incredibly successful FlarmMouse has been produced in nearly 1500 units since 2013. It is now getting replaced by a NEW stronger PowerMouse based on the PowerFLARM technology.

IGC. ENL. Pure.


FlarmMouse comes as a pure FLARM module with SAR flight recorder, which can be upgraded to an IGC flight recorder with or without ENL sensor.



IGC flight recorder (an option)

Preloaded obstacles (where databases are available)

Expandable to all standard FLARM displays (3V and 12V)


Input and output

Input voltage 6-18 VDC

Consumption 36mA at 12V


1 Rocker button

MicroSD card

1 Rocker button

ABS plastics

GPS module

Size and weight

65mm x 42mm x 13mm

Weight only 40 grams

This product is discontinued since 1.1.2018.

FlarmMouse is substituted by PowerMouse.

FlarmLED. FlarmView. FlarmView2. FlarmView57.


Plug and play connection to any kind of FLARM display. FlarmLED shows simple flarm radar with LED indications. A very popular FlarmView indicates gliders on the display with their values. FlarmView2 is an even more advanced FLARM indicator, which gives also a basic TP navigation. FlarmView57 is the same as the FlarmView, except that it is bigger and can be mounted in a 57mm hole.

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