Traffic information

Modern TrafficView shows traffic information provided by FLARM/PowerFLARM or ADS-B A/C devices. Features like new Alert View, Head-On Alert view and  also a TCAS view, will help you to see as much information you need to get total awareness of your surrounding. TrafficView also displays climb rate, altitude and distance for selected targets also it uses the FLARMNET database for friendly target names. All manipulation is done via 1 rotary encoder and 3 push buttons.





Shows all different types of FLARM objects, ADS-B objects and PCAS if appropriate external devices are connected.


New Alert View. Targets out of Range.

Urgent alerts highlighted with coloured segment indicating direction of obstacle. Targets out of range are indicated on the edge of the display with arrows indicating direction.

Waypoint and Task mode.

Never get lost by using a Waypoint mode and Task mode including traffic objects.

HEAD-On Alerts.

New type of visual alerts.


The MicroSD card serves for flight downloads, waypoint and airspace data exchange.

Near mode.

An Easy and intuitive way to navigate to the nearest waypoint.

Warnings. Acoustic and Visual.

Internal beeper gives an acoustic warnings. Altitude, position and type of object is also clearly seen.

Black or White


Classic-Modern-TCAS Layout

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