New firmware – Version 9

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Version 9

Real time wind

Version 9 brings the new era of wind and vario detection. Prof. Heinrich Meyr and Peng Huang have developed the HAWK which is licensed to LXNAV. Hawk is a 3 dimensional real time wind calculation, vario that eliminates horizontal wind gusts. It features also AHRS and does not require compass for its operation. A 30-day trial version is available on our webpages.

HAWK uses sensor fusion and advanced digital signal processing to estimate the air mass movement.

3-dimensional wind triangle

HAWK applies an “extended Kalman filter” (EKF) algorithm that jointly estimates all three dimensions of the air mass movement.

Instant results

EKF estimates the wind direction and velocity instantaneously (horizontal and vertical). No more waiting!

No compensation, no compromise

No compensation needed, since it uses no law of energy conservation. More accurate netto vario readings independent of glider speed. No false thermals due to wind gusts = No more “stick” lift.

2 needle vario

A red and blue vario needles at the same time. Red shows the value of computations of the TEK while light blue shows the value of the EKF.

Wind indication

Wind screen enables you to view the instantaneous wind on the blue arrow and the wind average on the white arrow.


The results of the attitude estimate of the EKF can also be displayed as an artificial horizon.

Availability and supported hardware

HAWK is a software option and it will run on all devices from 4th Generation onwards and V8/V80 vario only. The easiest way to check for compatibility with HAWK is to go to Setup->About menu. HAWK has been developed by Heinrich Meyr and Peng Huang and is licensed to LXNAV.

HAWK on Vario



Wind indication

HAWK on LXxxxx

Vario parameters

Vario settings

Audio settings

LXNAV Connect

The menu is splited to Services and Automatic flight upload, where you can add/register data services and define where to automatically upload flight log after landing. We have also added the WEGLIDE service.



Small details matter

NEW Navboxes

  • Average glide ratio of current flight
  • Hawk netto avg.
  • Hawk vario avg.
  • Hawk side slip
  • Hawk angle of attack
  • GS-TAS
  • Thermal distance
  • Thermal path distance


Flarm type info and region info is now available in the Flarm menu. Competition ID is now transferred from main unit to rear unit & vario (no need to install FLARMnet files on rear seat or vario). We also added traffic advisory warning. Flarm symbol shows a triangle symbol for unknown aircraft types, airship symbol for airship aircraft type (was shown as a balloon in previous versions). (Power) FLARM firmware can be updated via Wi-Fi.

LXNAV Connect

  • Forecast time offset now allows an offset of up to 8 hours
  • Faster update of any changes on the service portal
  • Improved file sync handling, changed (non-storage) service file syncing from once per day to once per app start
  • Flarm update can be done via LXNAV Connect

Weight & balance

  • Show warning messages for both ballast states (empty and full)
  • Gallons are now shown as decimals, corrected value increments
  • Empty weight is now copied from glider list or from external polar file
  • Additional ballast checks
  • Allow entering empty glider weight without arm
  • Added 2 user defined weights & arms
  • Added total weight value to CG envelope graph
  • Added labels for current weight

Other improvements

  • New observation zone templates (FAI Sailplane Grand Prix, FAI Annex A, FAI Badges & Records)
  • Flight statistics are now calculated from soaring begin event, except for duration (it remains from take off)
  • Gear warning (on flight start) is now repeated 2 times
  • Show confirmation message before dismissing an altitude warning
  • Task move: Prevent accidental “confirm” when moving task point
  • SC needle is no longer selectable, if HAWK is enabled
  • Radio: increased the last used frequencies list to 10 entries
  • Logbook: can now be displayed & exported in UTC or in local time
  • Admin mode: allow temporary airspace disabling but not saving, if not allowed to edit airspaces
  • PAN mode: Selection button is now mapped to INFO instead of GOTO
  • LX8030/LX8040, Wi-Fi: Offer to update rear seat via USB drive (if SD reader is not installed)
  • Improved task editing on LX8030
  • About: added lists of installed and compatible options
  • Logbook: you can now select multiple flights for sending, save or deletion
  • Waypoints: Renamed “History” to “Favorites”, selected task points are now added to favorites
  • Task: Changed task PEV start procedure according to the latest sporting code
  • Navbox – near airport -> added arrival altitude
  • Glider: Added 20m Multi-Seat class
  • Wind dialog: added ability to manually set the wind speed and direction using the touchscreen
  • Added pilot event forwarding to other seat (also shows an event message)
  • Wi-Fi credentials can now be shared among profiles (saved on the device instead of in user’s profile)
  • Remote stick: Added “toggle airspace visibility” function
  • Vario settings: Added “thermal ping angle” setting
  • Thermal history symbol now also shows MacCready value
  • Thermal symbol: Added straight statistics
  • Thermal symbol: Additional thermal symbol properties
  • Weather Legend symbol: text size and color are now customizable
  • Sideview symbol: Added safety MacCready line, zoom is now synced with map

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