Ideal Backup!

A stand-alone 57mm (2,25″) digital variometer, final glide calculator, IGC flight recorder, Bluetooth, backup battery (3h) and a navigation system with moving map.


Very Bright Display
S-Series Variometers Sold
External PowerFlarm Option

2 Rotary Buttons.

3 Push Buttons. SD card.

Used for a simplified handling during the flight or ground operations. SD Card for exchanging data (SW update, Airspace files, Waypoint files, Flight downloads).

Modern Fully-DIgital Vario. Standard size.

The vario indication needle is entirely digital on a 2.5 inch extremely bright display. It fits into a 57mm (2,25″) size hole which is the standard small hole on the instrument panel.


All S series variometer have a very high 60 Hz frame rate!

Built in Bluetooth, GPS, IGC flight recorder.

The S10x series comes with built in GPS and Bluetooth modules. Integrated Bluetooth is for wireless connectivity with your Smartphone or Oudie. The high-level Integrated IGC approved flight recorder can also detect JET and electro engines if a MOP module is present.

PDA port. Flarm port.

PDAs or Smartphones can be connected to the system via internal Bluetooth or directly plugged to the PDA port. Flarm/PowerFlarm can be connected to a Flarm port.

S-Series Philosophy

Waypoint Mode. Task Mode. Airspace.

A complete moving map with Airspace indication, Waypoint and Task navigation with custom navbox settings.

CUP files supported!

AHRS. Inertial platform.

3 pneumatic sensor which serves for Electronic or TE compensation and a built-in inertial platform with +-8g accelerometer and 3 gyroscopes for accurate and fast vario measurements. An AHRS module is built in and is used for a wind calculation. The AHRS graphical page is enabled after purchasing an AHRS option.


This displays all types of FLARM objects, ADS-B objects and PCAS if external devices are connected.

FLARM Visual Radar With Audible Warnings.

The radar shows all necessary data. The target’s present position, altitude and vario reading is displayed on the map. For each new alert a pop-up appears automatically when a potential collision may occur. The system will also trigger a sound and speech warning.


HAWK wind calculation

Real time wind

The HAWK platform applies an “extended Kalman filter” (EKF) algorithm which jointly estimates all three dimensions of the air mass movement – INSTANTANEOUSLY

No compensation, no problem

No compensation needed, since it uses no law of energy conservation. More accurate netto vario readings independent of glider speed.

Different Needles




Backup Battery (3h). SD Card. GPS Module. Bluetooth.

SD card socket, 56 channel GPS module built, backup battery sufficient for up to 3h, Bluetooth compatible to iOS and Android.


L A Y O U T  P R E S E T S

Black Black? Black White? White Black? White White?

Custom Navbox Settings. Pilot Profiles.

Do you prefer clean display with only one navbox or you wish to have more flight parameters? It’s very simple, as you can set 1-4 rows of navboxes. Every pilot can create their own profile with its own navboxes, which can be selected from a list of 40 types.

Thermal Mode.

The Thermal Assistant mode displays a graphical representation of your location within the thermal.

G-Load. Acrobatic – follow the needle.

Built-in inertial platform with +-8g accelerometer. Device is showing current g-load in navbox/needle and it’s min-max values in bar. Last flight min/max load navboxes are persistent till next flight. Very useful information for acrobatic flights!


NON-Linear scale will help you with precise showing on weak thermals and with strong thermal you will get wider needle range showing value beyond standard range.




Different needle ranges!


Digital needle----
HAWK ready------
Cut-out size57mm57mm57mm80mm57mm57mm57mm80mm57mm80mm
Task mode------
WPT mode------
AHRS mode-Optional (only on main device)Optional*Optional*--Optional*Optional*Optional*Optional*
Club option--------
PDA port-----
IGC flight
GPS module--------
*Note: All options are linked to device serial number and are not transferable to other devices once purchased.


You will get warning when you will approaching/entering aerospace. You can dismiss it for a certain time period.

Variometers timeline


An inertial variometer provides a very accurate wind indication during straight flight

We use 4 different methods to determine the best wind indication.

Flap indicator.

The variometer in combination with a flap sensor shows current and required flap setting.

Second Seat Device

S10D / S8D

S100D / S80D

Second seat device for S8x / S10x series with S8xD and S10xD vario-repeater and wiring. Unit size can differ from the main unit. You can mix together S8xD and S10x main units or S10xD with S8x main units.

S8D (discontinued)S80D (discontinued)S10DS100D
PDA port--

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