Remote Stick

Ergonomic Remote Stick with 7 Push Buttons and Joystick for Easier Navigation

Ergonomically designed remote stick for maximum comfort on long flights. 7 push buttons and a joystick button for easy screen navigation. One button can be customized with your most desired action. There are three versions: a standard version, a red start button version and a trim switch version. It is compatible with all LX80xx and LX90xx units having V-series variometers. A special CAN version works with S-series variometers. It can be configured as single or second seat device. A left-handed and symmetrical versions are also available.


Standard version

Schempp-Hirth version with red starter button for M gliders

EB28 version with trim switch

Bevelled version

This is non-standard version and it must be specially ordered.

Diameters of Command Handles

19.3mm (DG, LAK, Schempp-Hirth)

20mm (LS, Stemme, Apis, EB29)

24mm (Schleicher, Pipistrel Taurus, Alisport Silent, EB28, JS3)

25.4mm (JS1)


Left handed (optionally)

Symmetrical (optionally)

Right handed (standard order)

Custom solutions

Ask for more details at: [email protected]


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