ADS-B Receiver

Standalone ADS-B solution

A practical standalone ADB-S solution. ADBS-S receiver listens to Mode S and ES data from all standard transmitters. Data can be displayed to any standard FLARM display via output port in FLARM standard NMEA format.

ADB-S. Simple. Practiacal.


ADBS-S receiver is built on basis of the proven PowerMouse design that allows easy installation and easy integration with existing systems like Flarm displays. ADB-S receiver requires a GPS feed input in standard NMEA format.



ADS-B (mode S) receiver

Expandable to all standard FLARM displays (3V and 12V)


Input and output

Input voltage 8-36 VDC

Consumption 0.85 W


2 RJ45 connector

SMA Antenna connector

ADS-B Antenna

Size and weight

90mm x 55mm x 25mm

160 grams

Mount with

To secure your ADB-S receiver, you can mount it with PowerMouse Mount. It will keep your receiver safely mounted on the fixed place inside your plane.

FlarmLED. FlarmView. FlarmView2. FlarmView57.


Plug and play connection to any kind of FLARM display. FlarmLED shows simple flarm radar with LED indications. A very popular FlarmView indicates gliders on the display with their values. FlarmView2 is an even more advanced FLARM indicator, which gives also a basic TP navigation. FlarmView57 is the same as the FlarmView, except that it is bigger and can be mounted in a 57mm hole.

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