This product has been discontinued.


Ideal Traffic Information and
Backup Navigation for Club Use!

Flarmview2 displays traffic information provided by FLARM or ADS-B A/C devices. It also displays climb rate, altitude and distance for the selected target. It uses the FLARMNET database for friendly target names. It navigates to waypoints and tasks and displays airspace. Everything is on a display with QVGA resolution which is extremely readable under sun light. It is an ideal solution for Club use!



Very Bright Display

Traffic view


Shows all different types of FLARM objects, ADS-B objects and PCAS if appropriate external devices are connected.

FLARM Visual Radar with Audible Warnings.

The radar shows all necessary data. Present position, altitude and vario reading are seen on the map. Automatic POP-UPs appear for a new alert when a potential collision might happen.


FLARM. PowerFLARM. ADS-B. FlarmNET Database Supported.

All devices using FLARM/PowerFLARM technology are supported.

Declare a Task.

It is possible to send a task declaration from FlarmView2 to Flarm/PowerFLARM devices.

Near list.

Select a landable field from the Near List and filter them by the distance, name or bearing.


List of landable points.


Filter WPT and APT by distance, name or bearing .

Waypoint and Task mode. Airspace.

Never get lost by using a Waypoint mode and Task mode with surrounded airspace.


CUP files supported!


CUB files supported!

USB. MicroSD.

Cable connectivity through the mini USB, MicroSD card serves for flight downloads.


No more stressful airspace situations. Simply check your position related to the closest airspace.


CUB files supported!

Warnings. Acoustic and Visual.

Internal beeper gives an acoustic warnings. Altitude, position and type of object is also clearly seen.


Pick your own pre-loaded graphics theme. Define all the important colours yourself.

Logbook. IGC to KML.

The entire logbook is clearly displayed. Flight is downloaded to a FlarmView2 SD card. An IGC to KML converter, which converts flights so that they can be replayed in Google Earth, is integrated.

Rocker Button With 4 Push Buttons

The FlarmView2 has 4 push buttons for easy editing and a rocker button for setting a volume/zoom.

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