LX Styler

Customization tool for LX80xx/90xx Systems

LXStyler is a complete customization tool for the LX80/90xx system. It allows you to modify, add or remove existing navigational pages and graphical elements it contains.



You can customize value, size, colour, position, and depending on the navbox type, various specific properties according to your needs.


Add, remove, size, colour or position widgets according to your needs.


Add, remove, resize or re-position the map.

Plane Icon

Style the plane icon to be yours and unique.
Change where it is displayed depending on the selected orientation.


Create a checklists for pre-flight, post-flight checks or for any other purpose and style it to your liking with ease.


Not satisfied with how notifications are displayed? No problem. Change the style with LX Styler!

Profile download/upload

Connect LX Styler to your device(s) via LXNAV Connect and synchronize profile edits with your device via WI-FI.

Profile Collection

Share your brilliant profile with others or use a profile from others for your template. Checkout the LXNAV Profile Collection.

Profiles upload

With the new LX Styler you can share your pilot profile with other pilots. You can save (upload) your profile to your cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) or share it publicly via LXNAV Pofile Collection. With every profile you share you help other pilots and motivate others to the the same. This is a great opportunity to improve the default profile and make the device even better. Click here to see publicly shared LXNAV profile collection.

LX Styler Profile Collection confirmation

Profile View

When you upload your profile to Profile Collection the user’s name listed in user’s LXNAV Connect account will be displayed publicly beside the profile. If you wish you may disable public uploads at any time.

Inside the LX Styler you can manually upload profile to your cloud storage via LXNAV Connect service or to Profile Collection hosted on LXNAV website:

  • First button opens (downloads) a profile from Profile Collection (Web)
  • Second button uploads currently loaded profile to a Profile Collection (Web)
  • Third button downloads a profile from one of your cloud storages via the LXNAV Connect service
  • Forth button uploads a profile to one of your cloud storages via the LXNAV Connect service


LX Styler Use

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