LX StylerLX80xx, LX90xx and eCopilot profile customization software for Windows.8.1.0 21 May 202163.56 MB
LX SimLX80xx and LX90xx simulator for Windows operating system.8.03 25 Aug 202021.74 MB
NanoConfigNano configurator for Windows.1.6.8 13 Aug 2018668.63 KB
Nano Config AndroidNano Config Android application.2.4.6 24 Jun 2020-
Nano Config OSXNano configurator for OSX.1.6.3 08 Nov 201712.65 MB
LX Asapt Editor (Beta)Powerful tool for managing airports, their photos, approach charts etc.1.2.4 23 Mar 20208.13 MB
PowerFLARMConfigPowerFLARMConfig config your PowerMouse, FlarmBat, FlarmMouse.1.2.6 20 Jul 2021591.52 KB
FlapConfigTool for configuring FlapIndicator1.0 04 Oct 201736.50 KB
IGC ValidationTool for validation of IGC flights.2.00 12 May 2014478.76 KB
FlarmNet Converter ToolFlarmNet database converter for FlarmView.1.3.0 21 May 2018155.16 KB
ICAO Map Installer

Tool for registration and authentication of your purchased and some freely available maps. To purchase raster maps please visit and

1.7.0 06 Sep 2021191.26 KB
Logbook GeneratorLXxxxx series logbook generator. Written by Rik Vanden Boer. Additional contributor Dirk Skura.7b 23 May 2017246.50 KB

NOTE: Minimum supported operating system for PC software is Windows 7.