Hawk demo requestHawk demo request for S10x and LX90xx/LX80xx. Hawk trial option is valid for 3 months. --
LX80xx, LX90xxLatest firmware for navigation device range (includes firmware updates for peripheral devices). Note: varios older than V5 are not supported in the 8.0 and newer versions.9.07 23 Aug 2023-
FlarmMouse, LX80xx, LX90xxLatest FLARM® firmware for LX90xx, LX80xx and FlarmMouse.6.63 --
FlarmBat, LX80xxPF, LX90xxPF, PowerMouseLatest PowerFLARM® firmware for PowerMouse, FlarmBat and LX80xx/LX90xx PF series.7.21 15 May 2023318.54 KB
V5, V9Vario pack - firmware bundle for V5 vario, V9 vario and V5/V9 indicatorV5(5.34) V9(9.19) 23 Aug 2023662.01 KB
SBOX (CAN)Sensor box firmware on CAN bus.9.07 25 Jul 2022410.54 KB
SBOX (RS485)Sensor box firmware on RS485 bus.9.07 25 Jul 2022234.88 KB
V8V8 (variometer), I8 (indicator)9.15 23 Aug 20232.65 MB
V80V80 (variometer), I80 (indicator)9.15 23 Aug 20232.65 MB
S10S10 standalone vario latest firmware.9.11 23 Feb 20233.19 MB
S100S100 standalone vario.9.11 23 Feb 20233.19 MB
S8S8 standalone vario latest firmware. For older versions of indicator (less than 5.5) use .ZIP (and extract it) downloadable here .9.11 23 Feb 20233.19 MB
S80S80 standalone vario latest firmware. For older versions of indicator (less than 5.5) use .ZIP (and extract it) downloadable here .9.11 23 Feb 20233.19 MB
S3S3 firmware.2.03 30 Jan 2020388.44 KB
S3 UPSS3 UPS firmware.0.80 22 Jan 202139.39 KB
S3 / S3 UPS / S7 / FES / ADS-B / CANPDA / FlarmLED+S3 / S3 UPS / S7 / FES / ADS-B / FlarmLED+ / CAN-PDA PC update tool. 06 Feb 2020445.91 KB
S7S7 PNA update tool (Oudie and other PNAs). 06 Feb 2020184.71 KB
S7S7 PDA update tool (IPAQ ...). 06 Feb 2020265.60 KB
S7S7 fimware (please use one of the above tools to update).5.33 02 Dec 2020585.63 KB
V5 IndicatorIn case of firmware update failure, turn OFF/ON whole system and repeat update. 5.25 13 Nov 2019348.35 KB
NanoUpdate is done automatically via NanoConfig program.3.00 07 Apr 2020168.06 KB
Nano³Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program.3.02 08 Jun 2021785.02 KB
Nano⁴ Wi-FiUpdate for Nano⁴ Wi-Fi part.222 14 Apr 2020448.64 KB
Nano⁴Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program. 3.30 05 Jul 20231.82 MB
TrafficViewFirmware update for TrafficView.1.06 16 Jan 2023617.27 KB
TrafficView80Firmware update for TrafficView80.1.06 16 Jan 2023751.21 KB
FlarmViewFirmware update for FlarmView.2.58 25 Jul 2022403.73 KB
FlarmView57Firmware update for FlarmView57.2.58 25 Jul 2022401.45 KB
FlarmView2FlarmView 2 firmware update.2.62 08 Jun 2021688.84 KB
FlarmLED+Latest firmware for FlarmLED+.1.39 16 Dec 2021124.77 KB
PDA CAN BridgeCAN to PDA adapter for S7 and S80 - Designed for 2nd PDA device.2.01 31 May 201781.18 KB
MOPLX MOP sensor firmware.1.60 31 Jan 201719.50 KB
FLAP Sensor (RS485)Latest FLAP sensor on RS485 firmware.0.99 31 Jan 201713.63 KB
MOP2LX MOP2 sensor firmware (valid for both CAN and RS485).2.00 25 Aug 2022109.44 KB
FLAP Sensor (CAN)Latest FLAP sensor on CAN firmware.0.95 28 Jan 201938.30 KB
Bridge 232 (RS485)RS485: Radio bridge, Transponder bridge, RS485 to NMEA.2.29 28 Jul 202389.50 KB
CAN BridgeCAN: Radio bridge, Transponder bridge for S8x and S10x.2.20 09 Dec 202083.02 KB
CompassCompass update.3.03 03 Jul 202090.09 KB
G-meterFirmware for G-meter.1.10 14 Apr 20231.47 MB
G-meter 80mmFirmware for G-meter 80mm.1.10 14 Apr 20231.47 MB
ADIFirmware for AirData Indicator 57mm.0.97 18 Apr 20231.78 MB
ADI 80mmFirmware for AirData Indicator 80mm.0.97 18 Apr 20231.78 MB
ADS-B LXxxxxADS-B for LX90xx and LX80xx devices. Normally this firmware is already part of main unit firmware.1.38 26 Oct 2021340.21 KB
ADS-B FlarmBATADS-B for FlarmBat.1.38 26 Oct 2021358.19 KB
ADS-B PowerMouseADS-B for PowerMouse.1.38 26 Oct 2021381.77 KB