FlarmLED successor with Distance indicator.

Bright bi-color LEDs for aircraft indication (horizontal and vertical). Distance indicator optionally with Km, Nm or Miles conversion. Innovative capacitive Touch Pad.

Touch Pad. Multi-target indication. Distance indicator.


Innovative Touch Pad to replace a push button. If more than one targets are in the neighborhood, the closest target will be displayed with yellow LED permanently. All other targets will blink in yellow color. Distance and vertical angle will indicate the closest target.

Loud. LED. Visible.


An internal beeper provides very loud audio warnings. Capacitive Touch Area serves for adjusting beep volume and changing modes/configurations.

Double Seater.


The small size makes it easily installable in the tightest of panels. A simple double-seater “slave” configuration connectivity is available via FLARM splitter.



PCAS warnings – undirected

ALS – ambient light sensor for LED brightness

Near mode

Distance display

Multi-target indication

Automatic Baudrate detection


Input and output

Serial RS-232 input/output

Input Voltage: 9-32 VDC


Touch Pad

1 internal beeper

12 bi-color LEDs for direction

5 LEDs for vertical direction

LEDs for displaying distance

3 LEDs for GPS, Rx and Tx indication

Size and weight

42mm x 25mm x 5 mm

Weight only 10 grams

The FlarmView family.

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