Electric Ducted Fan Control Unit

Custom solutions

Custom solution for electric ducted fan control. Standard 57mm air norm size, with sunlight readable display. Contains various safety and warning features tuned for maximum user safety.



RPM indication and setting

Battery voltage and current indication

Motor temperature indication

Controller and battery parameter indicators

LED indicators

Safety features

Detection of hardware malfunction

Motor overheat detection

Automatic warnings

Automatic safe motor shutdown in emergency situations


2″ QVGA sunlight readable LCD

Micro SD card on the front side of the unit

1 Rotary knob with push button for easy RPM setting

2 Switches

3 Indication LEDs


CAN bus interface to MGM HBC 25063

Power supply

Power input: 9-25V DC

Consumption approx. 100mA

Size and Weight

Standard 57mm hole

61mm x 61mm x 25 mm

Weight: 157 grams

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