Portable ALL-IN-ONE PowerFLARM with integrated Wi-Fi

An ideal club compact portable standalone device based on PowerFLARM technology and internal battery up to 10hr. It comes with an integrated FlarmLED indicator, integrated Wi-Fi, USB port, Bluetooth module which works with Android and iOS and a GPS module. It come with IGC flight recorder and an ENL sensor, second flarm antenna – RFB and ADS-B (mode S) module.

IGC. ENL. Second FLARM Antenna. ADS-B.


FlarmBat+ comes with IGC flight recorder and with an ENL sensor (engine detection). An additional second FLARM antenna and ADS-B module included.

Portable. Ideal for Tug Planes/GA Planes and Club Gliders.


FlarmBat+ has an internal battery which serves up to 10h of operation, which is a considerable achievement, as this device is completely portable and can be used in tow planes & GA registered planes (the device is not installed in the plane). The FlarmLED display displays all important warnings.

CLUB Solution. Portable!


Is your club searching for a best price performance solution? Do you often fly cross country and need a long range “radar”? FlarmBat+ is an ideal Club solution, as you can use in the gliders that actually need it.

Wi-Fi integrated.

Easy to configure. Connect & share the data with SkyDemon or any other similar device.


Wi-Fi application

With this application it is very easy to configure all the settings, upload of files (databases, obstacles), configure Audio output, configure external push button, send declaration, download logbook, analyze your range, define sounds and even use it as a traffic monitor.

Analyze range

Traffic Monitor


Peek Of Possibilities

Backup Battery.SD Card. GPS Module. Bluetooth.

Battery serves up to 10h, MicroSD card socket, 56 channels GPS module built in and a Bluetooth compatible to iOS and Android.

Audio Output. External push button.

Audio output for external connectivity and push button (Pilot event, volume mute, reset…)



IGC flight recorder

Engine noise level – ENL

Second FLARM antenna

ADS-B (mode S) receiver

Wi-Fi connectivity (TCPIP connection)

Garmin TIS-A interface (optionally – must be specified when ordering)

Bluetooth compatible to iOS and Android

Configurable audio output

Expandable to all standard FLARM displays (3V and 12V)

Multi-target indication

Distance indicator for the closest target


Input and output

Input voltage 8-36 VDC

Consumption 1.1W

External Power and charging port


2 FLARM dipole antennas

1 ADSB antenna

MicroSD card

1 push button

Bluetooth BT3.0 and BT4.0 LE

Internal battery

GPS module

ADS-B module

Internal pressure

Size and weight

102mm x 77mm x 36mm

Weight only 250 grams

FlarmBat comparisson

FlarmBATFlarmBAT+FlarmBAT+ GA
TCPIP connection (Skydemon,...) -
Configurable Audio output-
External Configurable Push Button-
IGC option
ENL option

FlarmBat+ GA.


Optimized for General Aviation, all options included except IGC and ENL option.

FlarmLED. FlarmView. TrafficView. TrafficView80.


Plug and play connection to any kind of FLARM display. FlarmLED shows simple flarm radar with LED indications. A very popular FlarmView indicates gliders on the display with their values. TrafficView shows traffic information, Alert View, Head-On Alert view and  also a TCAS view, available in 57mm and 80mm.

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