LX Sim

A taste of perfection

LXSim is a fully functional simulator for the LX8080, LX8000, LX9000, LX9050 and LX9070 systems. It is available for the Windows operating system.


A few hints how to get things done.


To simulate your IGC flight, press FILE -> OPEN.

Full Screen

If you want to see it in FULL screen mode, press Ctrl+Enter.

SD Card

Click on the SD card symbol to insert or remove a SD card.

Upload your own user profile

Upload and check the latest databases.

Simulate your IGC flight.

Import and check airspace.

Check Terrain Schemes.

14 Terrain presets available.

Explore PAN mode and

GO-TO function without any waypoints by using the PAN mode. Simple and visual exploring of nearby airspace with all details.

Try it now.

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