New firmware – Version 8

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Version 8

Weight and Balance

In version 8, we emphasize the Weight and Balance of the glider, where the automatic fuel dump rate and fin tail dump rate are calculated. We’ve also added sunset warnings and dump water warnings. In the glider selection menu you can now create up to 3 glider data sets to accommodate different wing configurations.

Weight & Balance

Calculating the correct weight and balance can be tedious. To help you with that we designed an advanced weight and balance computation system that will help you calculate the correct ballast in every compartment to perfectly balance the glider.

Weight and Balance tutorial

Polar and Glider re-design

With version 8.0 we expanded the amount of stored information about the glider. We realize the glider data is glider dependent and is now stored on the device in the glider and no longer in the user’s profile. You can create up to 3 glider data sets to accommodate different wing configurations. The new glider data may also be saved to a file and edited in LX Styler 8.0.

Along with the new Weight and Balance section, we added fuel management and tail ballast dump rate. When you start the engine and engine noise is present, the fuel consumption is taken into account and fuel volume is automatically reduced. This influences the glider’s mass and center of gravity. The same is true for the tail ballast.


Flying high above ground one can easily forget about the sunset time on the ground. No longer, we added optional “1h before sunset at current position” and “1h before sunset at target point” warnings and automatic 30min, 15min, 5min to sunset (at the target) warnings. The automatic warnings are only shown if more than 15km away from the target.

Landing without dumping water can be dangerous. Now you’ll receive an automatic warning to dump water before landing.

Usability Improvements

  • All volumes can now be changed on the rear seat device and via remote stick
  • Via remote stick you can now quickly switch between all available weather layers
  • Weight and balance coaching mode: set and observe values on the rear seat device
  • Page map settings: added “copy settings to all” function
  • Improved handling on touchscreen devices

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*Note: Older varios than V5 are not supported in the 8.0 version.