Indicates the Direction of Other Aircraft

12 bright bicolor LEDs indicate the direction of other aircraft. Vertical position is displayed via 5 LEDs.

Loud. LED. Visible.


An internal beeper provides very loud audio warnings. A single push-button serves for adjusting beep volume and changing modes/configurations.

Double Seater.


The small size makes it easily installable in the tightest of panels. A simple double-seater “slave” configuration connectivity is available via FLARM splitter.



PCAS warnings – undirected

Near mode

Slave (second seat) mode

Adjustable baudrate


Input and output

Serial RS-232 input/output

Power input 3.3 VDC


1 push button to adjust beep volume

1 internal beeper

12 bi-color LEDs for direction

5 LEDs for vertical direction

3 LEDs for GPS, Rx and Tx indication

Size and weight

42mm x 25mm x 5 mm

Weight only 10 grams

The FlarmView family.

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