The Versatile Solution

The LXNAV S7 is a standalone digital speed-to-fly variometer and final glide calculator with GPS input and PDA/PNA input/output.


Very Bright Display
S-Series Variometers Sold
External PowerFlarm Option

1 Rotary Push Button.

Rotary switch with push button is used to setup all the parameters.

Mechanical Needle. Standard Size.

A mixture of mechanical classical needle operated by a stepper motor and a 2 inch extremely bright display. It fits into a 57mm size hole, which is a standard size on the instrument panel.

PDA Port. GPS Port. External Bluetooth Module. Final Glide.

PDAs or Smartphones can be connected to the system via an external Bluetooth module or directly plugged to the PDA port. External GPS (Flarm) allows a final glide calculation to the target.

Mc. Ballast. Bugs.

Speed to fly indication with easy one finger setting change of Mc, Ballast or Bugs. Pre-loaded polar database for almost all gliders.

Integrated G-meter. 3 Pneumatic Sensors.

3 pneumatic sensor which serves for an Electronic or TE compensation and a built 3 axis digital +-6g accelerometer.

FLARM Visual And Audible Warnings.

The radar indicates the relative position of the threat. For each new threat, a pop-up appears automatically when a potential collision course is detected. The system will also produce an audio and a voice warning.

PDA Port. GPS Module. Bluetooth Extension Module.


sampling rate for a very fast response

Thermal Mode.

The Thermal Assistant mode displays a graphical representation of your location within the thermal.

Several Variometer Readings.

Instantaneous Vario (outer red pointer), Average Vario (red diamond), MacCready Setting (Blue arrowhead), Thermal Average (Green “T”) making it easy to compare the achieved average and thermal climb rates with the MacCready setting.

Voice Module. Digital Equalizer. Logbook.

Built in Voice module and a digital equalizer for better sound. Integrated logbook.

Variometers timeline

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