FLAP sensor UNI

Always have the Ideal Flap Position!

The Flap sensor is designed to measure the position or angle of the flaps. It is very useful to direct the pilot with the correct flap setting. The new improved UNI variant with disconnectable cable enables much simpler installation and maintenance of the sensor and can be connected to both LX80xx/90xx and S8x/10x devices at the same time with a UNI 485/CAN Splitter (not included).

Flap Calculation Source

Glider’s flap specification table

Wing loading (ballast)

Polar and g-force

Main Features

Extremely accurate

Very small and light

RS-485 / CAN bus

Plug and play to LX 80/90xx systems and S8x/10x variometers

Installed already in most modern gliders

Make It Yours.

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