Perfect Backup and Autonomy for many Hours

The S3 UPS battery pack is specially designed as a backup supply for the S3 variometer. It has a built-in charger balancer and LiPo batteries. It can also simultaneously provide power to both S3 and S3D repeater units.

Main Features

Max input voltage 25VDC

Output voltage 12.6V – 9.9V DC

Max output current 1A

Second output socket for S3D repeater

Intelligent power management

Integrated smart charger

Integrated balancer

Capacity for more than 10 hours of S3 operation

Dimensions And Weight

Dimension: 134 mm * 62 mm * 33.9 mm (5.276 in * 2.441 in * 1.336 in)

Weight: 270 g

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