“Are you dreaming about having a real time wind indication in your glider? Do you feel sometimes in the Alps that wind suddenly changes?”

Get real-time wind with HAWK

Real-time wind indication – 3D wind. HAWK option enables instantaneous wind readings on all 3 axes.


HAWK uses sensor fusion and advanced digital signal processing to estimate the air mass movement.

3-dimensional wind triangle.

HAWK applies an “extended Kalman filter” (EKF) algorithm that jointly estimates all three dimensions of the air mass movement.

Wind visualization

Instant results.

EKF estimates the wind direction and velocity instantaneously (horizontal and vertical). No more waiting!

No compensation, no compromise.

No compensation needed, since it uses no law of energy conservation. More accurate netto vario readings independent of glider speed.

No false thermals due to wind gusts = No more “stick” lift.

Wind indication.

Wind screen enables you to view the instantaneous wind on the blue arrow and the wind average on the white arrow .

2 needle vario.

A red and blue vario needles at the same time. Red shows the value of computations of the TEK while light blue shows the value of the EKF.


The results of the attitude estimate of the EKF can also be displayed as an artificial horizon.

HAWK in the Segelfliegen Magazines

Read the whole article about HAWK published in the Segelfliegen Magazines.


HAWK is a software option, which is planned to be released in spring 2021 (for S10 and S100 vario) and late autumn 2021 (for LX80/90xx series)

HAWK has been developed by Heinrich Meyr and Peng Huang and is licensed to LXNAV

HAWK demo option request

Fill the form below in order to receive the HAWK demo option activation file for your (S10, S100) vario. After submitting the form, you will receive an email containing the demo activation file. The processing of your request is done automatically and can take a few minutes. The demo is valid for 31 days.

HAWK demo option is working only with the latest beta version (8.0 or greater), which can be downloaded here.

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