FlarmView2 Firmware

FlarmView 2 firmware update.

Version: 2.62
Date: 08 Jun 2021
Size: 688.84 KB


Version 2.62

  • fixed IGC files date-sorted display
  • fixed certain aircraft types display

Version 2.61

  • fixed Flarm IGC files transfer. Note: Please update Flarm to 7.02 or more
  • minor fixes

Version 2.58

  • Flarm icons now reflect target type
  • Target selection bubble now indicating vertical position (blue, red, green) unless overridden by custom bubble color setting
  • Added new NavBoxes hide units option
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.52

  • Added support for transfering IGC flight log from external FLARM logger to FlarmView’s local storage
  • Added support for logging pilot events on external FLARM logger
  • Added support for saving last zoom and restoring last zoom on reboot
  • Competition sign displayed only if available
  • Added plane icon size customization option
  • Added selected target customization options
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.41

  • minor fixes
  • task declaration to flarm
  • displaying flarm error messages
  • setting for warning in first three minutes
  • new, faster waypoint selection

Version 1.20

  • added Flarm vertical range
  • implemented option for displaying navboxes on left side in FlarmMode, Waypoint, Task screens
  • added new option to format internal storage(password 32233)
  • asapt files support