FlarmView Firmware

Firmware update for FlarmView.

Version: 2.58
Date: 25 Jul 2022
Size: 403.73 KB


Version 2.58

  • Various stability improvements

Version 2.57

  • Added new flarm error messages

Version 2.55

  • Chenged lower limits for vert. ranges to 100m/300ft

Version 2.54

  • Fixed Flarm ID reading
  • Fixed silent alarm
  • Fixed Flarm IGC files transfer. Note: Please update Flarm to 7.02 or more
  • Minor fixes

Version 2.53

  • Added settings for enabing/disabling warnings from ADSB receiver.

Version 2.50

  • Fixed bug for older LCD type initialization

Version 2.49

  • Improved user interface (FLARM screen)

Version 2.48

  • Minor bugfixes

Version 2.47

  • Added ADSB info page

Version 2.45

  • New AC warnings dismiss time setting
  • Manual zoom is restored at boot. Zoom is saved after 5 seconds on Flarmview screen
  • Selected target bubble color indicates vertical position (blue, red, green) unless overridden by custom bubble color setting
  • New option for buttons left-right position

Version 2.39

  • fixed A/C warning display option

Version 2.38

  • new and improved Flarm objects icons

Version 2.37

  • new IGC pilot event trigger
  • new Auto select target option
  • new A/C vertical range label font size option
  • improved target selection visibility with color options
  • manual target selection now also available with Lock to nearest option on
  • fixed old flarm object selection
  • minor fixes

Version 2.34

  • Warning alarms now have no startup delay by default. Configurable via menu in Warnings and Sounds
  • New Flarm options Do not track and Stealth mode

Version 2.32

  • minor fix

Version 2.31

  • sound fix

Version 2.30

  • implemented Flarm vertical range option
  • out of map targets are now displayed on outer compass circle
  • added PowerFlarm IGC readout
  • minor bug fixes

Version 2.21

  • fixed undirected warning reset bug
  • fixed reset when sprites out of bounds

Version 2.20

  • NMEA test page
  • Fixed Zoom mode saving
  • Fixed ENLTEST
  • Fixes in Flarm configuration; unlimited values, …
  • Fixed ICAO address saving for Powerflarm and FlarmMouse
  • Minor fixes in downloading flights
  • Other minor fixes

Version 2.02

  • Fixed some compatibility issues with new hardware design

Version 2.01

  • Fixed editing of ICAO address

Version 2.00

  • Downloading flights from flarm device to FlarmView’s  SD card
  • Converting IGC file to KML format
  • FLN converter is now built inside FlarmView
  • Improved multiple warning algorythm
  • minor bug fixes

Version 1.03

  • Fixed issue with N.C.
  • Zoom can be set up to 50km
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.02

  • “unlimited” setting for ranges
  • Flarm Licenses and capabilities page
  • Zoom label bug
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.01

  • FlarmWatch shows also vertical distance
  • Bugfix – version 1.00 (Beeping)

Version 1.00

  • PCAS beep by flarm specification v6.0
  • New graphical presentation of obstacle warning
  • Improved displaying of mutiple target warnings
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.99

  • Implemented additional configurations for Flarm,
  • ADSB settings
  • PCAS settings
  • Aircraft configuration
  • Flight recorder configuration
  • New vario calculation method for flarm objects (like on Lx9000)

Version 0.98

  • implementation of Q and E messages
  • slave mode
  • flarm info page
  • flarm range set to maximum
  • minor fixes

Version 0.96

  • critical bugfix from version 0.95

Version 0.95

  • added option for A/C Mode range information in flarm view,
  • repositioned some settings,
  • added option to auto lock-on nearest target,
  • added sd card demo mode,
  • added bold glider icon,
  • added vertical distance info in AC mode,
  • ac mode circle, now changes colors according to relative v. dist,
  • added settings for changing circle color, according to v. dist

Version 0.93

  • Implementation of Flarm v6 dataport specification
  • A/C mode (undirected) warning settings
  • Improoved vertical indication
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.92

  • Implemented labels for each glider to show vario/altitude….
  • Implemented A/C mode warning
  • Improved flarm watch
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 0.91

  • initial release