EC10, EC7, LX8000, LX9080 Software

Powerful tool for managing airports, their photos, approach charts etc.

Version: 1.2.6
Date: 23 Nov 2021
Size: 8.13 MB


Version 1.2.4

  • Country checkbox is removed only when there is no waypoint left for the country


  • Search filter is preserved on a waypoint deletion

Version 1.2.3

  • Improved exception handling
  • Improved waypoint validation

Version 1.2.2
New features:

  • Multiple Waypoint deletion added (keyboard shortcut: CTRL+D)
  • Combobox “Show Waypoint delete confirmation dialog” added to the Options dialog and on the confirmation dialog
  • LXNAV Connect Integration for sending changes to LXNAV


  • Code field beginning and starting quotues are ignored/not displayed
  • “LX Asapt Editor” renamed to “Asapt Editor”.
  • Improved exception handling
  • Improved waypoint validation

Version 1.2.1

  • “Frequency” input display in format 000.000
  • “Search” field scale fix
  • Improved waypoint changed detection
  • Form “Edit / send saved changes” updated

Version 1.2

  • “Outlanding” added to “Style”
  • “Frequency” input changed to masked input with the format: 000.000
  • Default unit (m or ft) added to “Elevation”, “Rwy Length” and “Rwy Width” on field update when unit is missing
  • Input field “Code” must be 3 or 4 characters long
  • Mail sending updated
  • Improved waypoint changed detection
  • View our privacy policy updated

Version 1.1

  • bugfix release for auto-updater


  • mail sending bugfixes
  • update filter on open image dialog


  • added import pages / pictures from PDF files
  • added new option in file menu “Save optimized”, which optimizes all pictures for device set in options
  • added copy user settings (options) when upgrading to a new program version
  • added select / deselect countries / regions on space key
  • added shift focus to waypoint name when enter key is pressed inside waypoint list
  • improved program startup responsiveness
  • improved waypoint changed detection
  • prompt “waypoint changed” / “regions unsaved” when opening a new file
  • prompt “waypoint changed” when saving settings (options)
  • when adding pictures, always size them to max. 800×480 (our maximum instrument resolution) – also take instrument orientation in consideration if it’s set in settings (options)
  • when user selects a new waypoint and has unsaved changes a question dialog now pops up asking him if he really wants to disregard changes instead of just a warning
  • give proper focus to main window after it shows
  • fixed bug where “Send changes” dialog wouldn’t show as top most dialog when exiting program
  • fixed change # in “Select waypoint”
  • fixed send changes button anchor
  • fixed bug in waypoint list – measurement units were always displayed in meters even if the user had feet selected
  • grammar fixes


  • implemented ability to send your database changes back to LXNAV (available via Edit->Edit / send saved changes->Send changes to LXNAV or when program exits – can be turned off in settings)
  • re-enabled ability to manualy write units (m, km, ft) in rwy length, rwy width and elevation (automatically converts from any unit to units selected in settings)
  • restricted russian airports to Europe region (in compliance with the October 2014 asapt database)
  • unified measurment units and latitude longitude format across entire program
  • added context menu to list of waypoints with add and delete waypoint
  • added add tool item menu to images context menu
  • fixed tab stops on some windows
  • unified button placements with windows style
  • redesigned select waypoint window (when applying changes)
  • grammar fixes


  • fixed a bug causing the application to crash if the file saving was unsuccesfull (trying to save in UAC protected dir fails)
  • fixed tab stop
  • pressing enter in search box now gives focus to list of waypoints
  • added menu shortcuts
  • fixed invalid date error
  • unknown or undefined waypoint country is now classified under “Others”


  • fixed a bug that prevented to read cup files with empty lines
  • added more detailed message if an error occurs when opening files
  • added associate “asapt” file extension to installer
  • added support to open the program directly by double clicking any “asapt” file (if “asapt” file extension is associated)
  • updated insert new waypoint text
  • fixed rare bug causing the waypoints to not sort in alphabetical order
  • fixed rare bug at applying changes causing the program to crash if the “Applying changes” dialog was not displayed in time


  • changed rwy direction max value from 360 to 359
  • changed “Save waypoint” button text to “Update waypoint” to avoid confusion with saving to file
  • updated message box warning text for unsaved changes
  • remember auto select best match option also on skip button while applying changes
  • added progress bar for loading the list of changes when opening changes history
  • optimised region and countries selection
  • due to optimizations removed progress bar for loading countries – now it’s almost instant
  • fixed minor bugs on adding new waypoint
  • “Update waypoint” button text changes to “Insert waypoint” on adding new waypoint
  • button positions and visual tweaks
  • set select waypoint window to sit always on top
  • fixed controls that set edited flag without user interaction
  • added ask when multiple waypoint matches exist option to settings (while applying changes)
  • added new applying changes window with progress and cancel option
  • fixed rare bug with description (when a waypoint from older program version was last applied to the current database – incorrect handling of newline)
  • grouped options in Options window
  • fixed a bug when updater couldn’t start the downloaded setup while updating program
  • fixed country handling for Russian airports in Europe
  • enabled adding of Russian airports to Europe
  • fixed changes tracker to identify Russian airports and match them to Asia or Europe based on their longitude
  • fixed deleted statistics when applying changes


  • added “What’s new?” link that directs the user to changelog on update available dialog
  • tweaked parameters for waypoint matching while applying changes
  • fixed bug while applying changes for waypoints with no country (skip && add comment to log.txt – next release of asapt database will fix this)
  • added wait cursor for opening and closing edit changes dialog (can take some time for big changes files)
  • fixed a rare bug of not displaying country in region if country already existed in another region
  • added wait cursor for closing main form (wait time while the settings save and changes update on filesystem)
  • fixed occasional bug when select waypoint dialog hid behind the main window and was unclickable while applying changes
  • grammar corrections


  • fixed problems saving lat/lon in decimal degrees or degrees, decimal minutes format
  • reworked applying saved changes to database
  • new rules for matching changes to waypoints (now based on match probability)
  • when applying changes if the change matches multiple waypoints the user is prompted with a dialog to select best match
  • automated option for applying changes is available by checking auto select best match checkbox when multiple matches exist (select waypoint dialog)
  • if multiple waypoints match with 100% probability, the user will be prompted regardless of auto select best match option
  • added new edit changes dialog that allows the user to review and delete previous changes
  • removed the clear changes cache menu option (replaced by edit saved changes)
  • minor visual tweaks


  • more robust save to file (display error message if save failed)
  • fixed form layout if user closed the application while it was minimized
  • masked latitude and longitude input
  • masked elevation, rwy width, rwy length and frequency input
  • changed Save to OK and added Cancel button in Options window
  • main window state, position, location and layout are now also reset when user clicks reset settings to program defaults
  • fixed a rare issue of displaying “You’ve made some changes and didn’t save them.” even if the user saved changes
  • changed search text box to Windows 7 Explorer style
  • other minor visual tweaks


  • significant speed improvements while working with multiple regions selected
  • fixed “Incomplete or invalid data file” error that was caused by incorrect quotations handling in description field
  • changed cup and lxc encoding to windows-1250 code page – supports larger character set (fallback is ASCII)


  • fixed “file opened by another process” bug when saving single cupx file
  • added prompt for opening empty files


  • fixed alphabetical sorting of waypoints for australia after saving changes (thanks to Terry)
  • enabled optional sending of error reports via program dialog


  • added check and warning that only one instance of the application can run simultaneously
  • fixed “You’ve made some changes” prompt when runway direction changed (when saved with CTRL + ENTER shortcut)
  • fixed null description bug (thanks to Terry)


  • bugfix in latitude calculation (thanks to Max)
  • additional info in about dialog


  • fixed and fully enabled multiline entry in description field (thanks to Hanspeter)
  • filepath bugfix (if path to file contained character -)


  • bugfix in cupx header creation when converting from cup to cupx in asapt (thanks to Peter Schibli)
  • bugfix when saving waypoints while track changes is disabled


  • no updates available message when checking for updates manualy
  • bugfix when editing description and pressing CTRL + ENTER shortcut
  • added file extension check when opening files and prompt to user for unknown file extensions
  • saving cupx file without header gets saved without automatic header


  • grammar corrections
  • added warning if file size exceeds 30MB
  • automatic program updater (when a new version is available)
  • added “Check for updates” option that allows user to manualy check for new versions in the Help menu


  • bugfix when saving lxc files
  • renamed the file menu “Save” to “Save as” and assigned new shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + S
  • added “Save” option in the file menu (saves directly to the opened file) and assigned shortcut CTRL + S
  • added prompt if the user didn’t save changes to the waypoint after editing and switching to a different waypoint (or saving file)
  • added shortcut for saving waypoint changes by pressing the CTRL + ENTER key (thanks to John Orton)
  • added splash screen (when the application is starting)
  • waypoints list scrollbar position is preserved when saving changes (thanks to John Orton)
  • added shortcuts CTRL + TAB to navigate to the next waypoint in the waypoint list, and added shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to navigate to the previous.
  • fixed tab stop focus on some controls
  • added dialog for unsaved regions when closing the program
  • bugfix when editing waypoints that are not in alphabetical order

Version 0.9.6

  • new format for storing changes (zipped and encrypted xml)
  • if the last waypoint in the country gets deleted, the country node in the “Select countries:” tree view gets deleted immediately
  • bugfix at auto loading last opened file (if the file was already in the MRU)
  • support for loading, editing and saving cup, cupx and lxc files
  • when loading files, skip duplicate image entries
  • added progress bar when loading files / selecting countries / saving waypoints
  • added drag & drop support for asapt, cup, cupx and lxc files

Version 0.9.5

  • image file names are stripped of non-alphanumeric characters before saving
    (sometimes lx devices have problems when reading these characters and can’t display files with them properly) (thanks to Peter Schibli)

Version 0.9.4

  • bugfixes
  • significant speed improvements when applying changes
  • significant speed improvements when saving waypoints

Version 0.9.3

  • bugfix at applying changes (thanks to Peter Schibli)
  • new ability to delete countries and entire regions by right clicking on the entry and selecting delete (thanks to Peter Schibli)
  • corrected sorting algorithm when adding new waypoints (sorted by waypoint name) (thanks to Peter Schibli)
  • right clicking on the image now also gives an option to delete it
  • right click paste image now additionaly supports image as a file

Version 0.9.2

  • if new images are bigger then 640×480 they autoscale to 640×480
  • new image gallery
  • always jump to last added image
  • bugfix
  • some user interface improvements for older OS (Windows XP)
  • installer licence & publisher update

Version 0.9.1

  • xml serialization – changes are now serialized to a xml file – more robust then previous binary serialization
  • drag & drop support for pictures, ctrl + v shortcut for pictures, paste pictures from clipboard, right click paste picture