Version 3.30
New features:

  • Added receiving and sending of task options (event start procedure)
  • Event procedure displayed same as on Lxxx
  • Added clarification to “backup battery empty” alert

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed all broken translations and special characters

Version 3.27
New features:

  • Added polar for AS33Es (15m & 18m)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed starting elevation bug
  • Fixed firmware update procedure
  • Fixed map selection bug

Special note for devices running firmware version 3.26:

Due to a bug in the update procedure, please make two copies of the latest update file on your Nano 4 device. After a successful update to 3.27 you can then delete the other copy. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

Example: opened storage of Nano 4 with 2 copies created