Nano³ Firmware

Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program.

Version: 3.02
Date: 08 Jun 2021
Size: 785.02 KB


Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program. If you wish to do it manually, download and unpack all files to Nano3 drive.

Version 3.02

  • fixed IGC files date-sorted display
  • fixed certain aircraft types display
  • fixed flight level display

Version 3.01

  • fixed Flarm IGC files transfer. Note: Please update Flarm to 7.02 or more
  • minor fixes

Version 3.00

  • Year 2020 fix for nanoconfig app.

Version 2.67

  • Added driver support for new lcd
  • Added support for multiple GPS constellations
  • Added support for marking pilot event received from nmea
  • Changed do not show qnh dialog at startup if logger allready runnning
  • minor bug fixes

Version 2.63

  • Target selection bubble now indicating vertical position (blue, red, green) unless overridden by custom bubble color setting
  • QNH dialog at startup autocloses after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • Improved Logbook loading speed for new flights
  • New Finish altitude and Navigate to nearest point
  • New NavBoxes hide units option
  • Various fixes

Version 2.59

  • Hide menu for set elevation
  • Minor bug fix

Version 2.56

  • Message for received declaration
  • Flarm beeping bug fix

Version 2.51

  • Minor bug fix

Version 2.50

  • Final glide calculation
  • Wind calculation
  • MC, Ballast and Bugs setting
  • QNH setting
  • Safety altitude setting
  • Enhancement of Bluetooth communication
  • NavBox customization
  • Transfer of observation zones from Android App (NanoConfig)
  • Firmware update from Android App (NanoConfig)

Version 2.40

  • minor changes and bug fixes

Version 2.24

  • minor changes

Version 2.21

  • added Flarm vertical range
  • implemented option for displaying navboxes on left side in FlarmMode, Waypoint, Task screens
  • added new option to format internal storage(password 32233)
  • minor bug fixes

Version 2.16

  • unintended power-on protection option
  • powerFlarm IGC readout
  • option for displaying compass headings in inner circle
  • asapt files loading support
  • logbook files sorting fix
  • fixed loger autostart

Version 2.00

  • flarm alarm & flarm mode functionality via external source
  • support for downloading flights from external flarm device
  • igc to kml functionality
  • near airport list, with various sorting options
  • option to change graphic theme (black on white, white on black etc…)
  • option to replace default battery status icon
  • option to change font color in navboxes
  • option to change font color & size of waypoints
  • reorganization of settings
  • fixed problem with white screen on boot
  • various bug fixes & minor additions