Nano⁴ Firmware

Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program.

Version: 3.30
Date: 05 Jul 2023
Size: 1.82 MB


Version 3.30

New features:

  • Added event start procedure
  • Added flarm target info (ground speed)


  • Support larger ASAPT files
  • Receive and transmit of the task options (Nanoconfig, S10x, LX9xxx)
  • Pilot event is transmitted to other connected device (Flarm, S10x)

Version 3.27

New features:

  • Added polar for AS33Es (15m & 18m)

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed starting elevation bug
  • Fixed firmware update procedure
  • Fixed map selection bug

Special note for devices running firmware version 3.26:

Due to a bug in the update procedure, please make two copies of the latest update file on your Nano 4 device. After a successful update to 3.27 you can then delete the other copy. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

Example: opened storage of Nano 4 with 2 copies created

Version 3.26

  • improved battery management
  • improved WiFi functionality
  • minor bug fixes

Version 3.23

  • added airport frequency information
  • added Google drive, DropBox, SeeYou cloud
  • added Spanish translation
  • improved WiFi communication
  • minor GUI fixes – progress bar, added more services icons etc.
  • minor other fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.00

  • Year 2020 fix for nanoconfig app.

Version 2.40

  • Added flight time in logbook menu
  • Fix compression error while sending flight over wi-fi
  • Fix device power on issue when battery drained
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 2.32

  • Fixed a bug where device would power off when charging empty battery
  • Added device overheating prevention
  • German translation fix (“Vertical & horizontal puffer”)

Version 2.30

  • Added AAT
  • Added FAI and task optimization
  • Added task managament (Save, Load, Export)
  • Added translations (German, Italian, French, Slovene, Czech)
  • Updated keyboard input with extra symbols
  • Added new navboxes
  • Added lxnav connect storage support
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes

Version 2.21

  • Major Graphic improvements (Top row, icons, symbols…)
  • Added navbox row slider (now you can have 12 navboxes for each page)
  • Added many new polars and navboxes
  • Added Landing Gear Warning
  • Added Airspace Warnings
  • Task export / load /edit
  • Added Thermal Assistant
  • Added glider path
  • Multiple .CUP files support
  • Flarm symbols improved
  • Wind editing on the screen
  • Nearest list – improved by icons, arrival altitude added
  • Improved airspace display
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.17

  • minor fix

Version 1.16

  • Fixed transferring bigger files via BT (NanoConfig)
  • Fixed some issues with larger waypoint files
  • New icons for flarm view

Version 1.15

  • Fixed bug for charging backup battery
  • Optimization for opening big CUP files with comments
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.13

  • Enter “zone edit” in task setup on direct press on zone icon.
  • Pressure offset instead of altitude offset in alt calculation
  • Clearing currently loaded waypoints when loading new cup file.

Version 1.00

  • Initial release.