Version 1.08

  • adjustable font sizes for nav boxes

Version 1.05

  • support for new hardware variant
  • recognize ADSR FLARM license
  • fixed PFLAA aircaft type

Version 1.04

  • added new seperated options for sizing own plane symbol and other flarm objects
  • fixed Flarm ID when no traffic
  • fixed lock on nearest
  • fixed airspace graphics settings save
  • minor fixes

Version 1.03

  • added reset CARP option (Continuous Analyzer of Radio Performance)
  • added disable ADSB warnings option
  • added ADSB version info
  • added NMEA logging options
  • fixed Flarm IGC files transfer. Note: Please update Flarm to 7.02 or more
  • minor fixes

Version 1.01

  • Flarm alert zones support
  • task declaration to Flarm option
  • improved data visibility
  • various fixes