I am Will Blackburn from Yorkshire, England. I’m 19 years old and have been flying since I was 14. I went solo at 14 and became a basic instructor at 16. Recently I have become a tug pilot at my club. I fly at the Wolds Gliding Club at Pocklington. I mostly fly my Standard Cirrus “WB”.

My biggest achievement so far is to train as a British Junior Gliding Team Squad member. I applied for the get sponsored scheme as I thought it would be a great opportunity to get to use the latest gliding technology which would help me to try and perform better. I wanted the LX9050 as I thought it has a great amount of information provided on it to help keep me ahead of the game while flying x country.

My goals for the season are to do my first 500km flight and to fly the club class nationals.


My name is Adrien Dubreuil and I am 17 years old. For me, gliding is more than a passion ! Since I was born, I drag on the airfields, and particularly in La Roche sur Yon, France.

I started to fly when I was 12 years old. Now, I fly different gliders. But my favorite one is the LS4 WL that I fly regularly. Of course I hope that one day I will fly a JS1 or big single seater like this. Now I participate to competitions. Last year, I became 2nd at the Inter-Regional Grand Ouest, and 6th at the French Junior Nationals in club class. This season, I will fly the same championships, but my objective is to win them!

This partnership with LXNAV is a good opportunity to test some good instruments. They lent me a Nano. This instrument is a good one to record my flights, and it’s an IGC recorder. It is a reliable logger that is very easy to use!

Thanks to LXNAV for this sponsorship!


My name is Sviatoslav Roublev, I am 24 years old and I am from Denmark. This is my 7th season in gliding sports and have participating in competitions since 2015. Since I don´t have a glider myself, I am very interested in the portable flight recorders. Therefore, I have chosen the Nano3 as a #GETSPONSORED device.

It is easy to use, it has a lot of features and it has already proven its worth at the Danish Senior Nationals 2018, where I won my very first gold medal. I definitely recommend Nano3 and look forward to the World Gliding Championships in Ostrow, where it hopefully can help me getting to the podium.

Thank You LXNAV for helping young pilots and giving them the opportunity to try out the best equipment within the gliding sport.


I am Leonardo from Brazil, 23 years old. I am flying at the Bebedouro Airclub, located north of São Paulo state. Its a great place for training and competition. I’m the youngest glider competitor here in Brazil. In 2016 I got the second place in the Nacional Championship – Sudeste with my KW1 ( quero- quero ) glider, a national glider made by wood with a glide 1:27 at 76km/h.

Now I’m flying a dg400 with LX8000 and V8 that I got from the program “Get Sponsored”. Its a great equipment that is helping me a lot. I can manage better my flights and increase the task speed, improving less workload during the flights. I knew that, so because of this i choose the LX8000 equipment.

When I saw the LXNAV was making the “get sponsored” program I was very exciting to try it, so i send my CV, answered some e-mails and some questions. Then i just had to wait their answer. In 2 of February i received the e-mail response that i was selected for the program and I would get a LX8000 for 1 year with the sponsor.

For this year my goals is to get good placement in the nacional championships and get my first 500km FAI, and more kilimoters flying with better speed. Showing how great its the LXNAV equipment.

Thanks LXNAV!


I am Aude Untersee, 23 years old and I started gliding 7 years ago in Brittany (France) in the club Planeurs d’Ille-et-Vilaine.

I usually fly LS6, Discus, DuoDiscus and Hornet but my favorite glider so far is ASG29. I took part in many competitions since 2012, notably the French Nationals, the French Women’s championship that I won 2 times and Womens World twice in club class. I think my best achievement is to have flown last year the Womens World in Zbraslavice (CZ) under an incredibly good weather during 2 weeks since we flew 12 tasks, which was particularly exhausting but very insightful. As I want to fly more and more championships to improve, I applied this year for the get sponsored partnership so as to be fully equipped to get into this long season. As I fly 5 competitions with 3 different gliders, I needed a device easy to carry from a glider to another, therefore I wanted to have a Nano4 : its user-friendly interface enables to easily and promptly program tasks and I can use it to navigate which is really confortable given that it is my primary or secondary IGC logger. I appreciate a lot its long-lasting battery life. I have already used it for the French Nationals 15m and Ostrow Glide and I am going to use it during 2 other French Nationals championships and WGC in double-seater class.

I am very thankful to LXNAV for supporting me, I am sure that flying with the best materials that alleviate mental workload enables to devote more energy to flying faster !

Thank you LXNAV for your great devices !


I flew 5 flights with my new glider and my new S80. I start my 1st competition of the year. It is the international military championship at Romorantin (France).

The S80 is a wonderful instrument and perfectly adapted to my LS4 to compete in club class championships. My next competition will be in Issoudun in July for the national championship of France in club class.

Thank you so much to LXNAV to be my partner to make a very good season 2018.


My name is Nicolás Ortolano. I am from Santa Fé, a province of Argentina that is located in the centre-east of the country. I live in the countryside, close to a small town called Colonia Rosa, which is located about 70km from Ceres Gliding Club, where I fly since 2007.

Although I have flown many years a Cirrus L-265 (Open), I’ve recently started flying my own Discus-A, an outstanding glider with which I intend to improve my skills in the sport. I hope to get the chance of flying a Discus 2 someday; I find it a beautiful glider.

One of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had was participating in the World’s Gliding Championship held in Leszno, Poland in 2014. Together with the rest of the Argentinean team, we learn, share knowledge and the most important of all, we flew with great pilots from all over the world. It was a unique experience worth living.

For the Get Sponsored initiative, I have chosen a LX9070 device because it is the is the best and most advanced computer for any kind of glider, and I am sure it will improve the quality of data acquired and therefore, the flight overview. I was extremely happy to know I was one of the winners of Get Sponsored, and I am ever more anxious now to fit it in my glider and fly with it!

Thank you very much LXNAV for the support your team give to all the gliding community, and for letting me and many other pilots be part of the Get Sponsored initiative!


I am Klara Teichmannova and I am 25 years old. I from the Czech Republic from Aeroclub Hronov, which is picturesque airfield situated in the eastern part of Bohemia. I’ve been flying for 10 years and I have to say that gliding is my life. My grandfather was a pilot and my dad is a pilot as well! So I grew up at Hronov airfield with other pilots’ children. We spend there almost every weekend and every holiday. I have participated in many championships since 2011. The largest was the Women’s World Championships (2015 Arnborg – Denmark, 2017 Zbraslavice – Czech Republic) and the Junior World Championship 2017 in Pociunai – Lithuania.

I own Standard Cirrus „Lima Yankee“ with my dad so 90% I fly with my LY. And that is the reason why I chose LX 8080 because I had a space in my panel for a 80 mm device. Like a secondary logger I use my own Nano 3 and I think this is a perfect combination.

I am very happy with the LX 8080 because I had only LX 20 before. It helps me a lot during my flight! The first familiarization with new equipment was during first gliding competiton of this season at AZCUP in Zbraslavice. As I found out, the device is very user friendly! I love it. AZ Cup was successful for me, sixth place out of 40 pilots!

Another competition was Czech gliding championship in Tabor where we were with LX8080 big friends. Eleven flying days and no outlanding! The overall result was tenth out of 29 pilots and the first women in the club class.

Then I had an opportunity fly Std. Cirrus with LX9000 for a week at Tcup. It is a gliding competition at Toužim airfield. My friend flew my Cirrus “LY” and we made a good team together – both gliders equipped with LXNav devices! Final results after 5 flying days were very good for us! He won and I was second! And I must say, that LX9000 is the best. I hope I will see it one day in my glider…..

Another big challenge is the Flatland cup in Szeged, Hungary, where we are going with my best wingwoman Bara Moravcova!


I am Jokūbas Motūza from Lithuania and I am 18 years old.I started gliding career when I was just 6 years old. You may think how could you start gliding when you just started go to school. It is unbelievable, but in Lithuania we have gliding schools for kids, so that is how this journey started. I will be honest, this activity fascinated and after kids school I turned to reach more achievements in this sport. Right now I am training and  taking part in competitions with my Jantar Std. (competition number : JM) .

From my point of view I could say that this glider right now is one of the best options to choose fly in club class, so I am really satisfied about my glider.

Right now I have craving to finish Lithuanian National Gliding Championship in club class between TOP 5 pilots. To reach this goal I am training really hard, but without that this year I have been sponsored by LXNAV, so I received instrument that every glider pilot wish to have.

I asked LXNAV for the LX9070 and they fulfilled my wish, so now I could say that this instrument has really big number of features. Amazing! Big screen and so on!

It is dream to have that kind of instrument when you are young and you have tight budget. Keep following LXNAV social media accounts and maybe next year you would be between those lucky ones. Do not forget follow me on “Instagram” my nickname is : @jm.gliding . There you will be able to check how my season is going on!


I’m Melanie, a French pilot, I’m 24 and gliding is for me more than a hobbie… It’s a big part of my life, I can’t imagine my life without flying now. I discovered gliding when I was 16. I choosed an aeronautical option at school and now I’m a pilot! Since 2012, I took part in many competitions notably Women’s Worlds for 2 times and one Junior’s Worlds. During these international championships, I had the chance to fly with beautiful equipments on gliders like LX9050 and I think it’s important to make a good task! Now, I fly different gliders but my favorite is the JS1. I had the opportunity to participate at 2017 Women’s Worlds with this beautiful glider!

For this year, my objectives are to win the French Juniors Nationals and The French Nationals! For that, I will fly in Discus 2a of the French team and in Pegase for Womens. And I will use a beautiful S100 for this championship! The « Get Sponsored » is for me a good opportunity to discover and use equipment we can’t buy when we are young and because club’s gliders doesn’t have this equipment! So, thank’s a lot to LXNAV for this good initiative and to help so much young pilots!

Last year, I discovered Nano 4 for the first year of partnership, and now it’s mine, maybe same for S100? Sure, I love it!


My name is Davide Giovanelli, I am 23 years old, I am a swiss glider pilot. I have flown since 2010, I have 1350 flight hours and I flew over than 58000km.

I discovered the #getsponsored program on facebook and I decided to apply for it. After a month, at the beginning of February, I received an email from LXNAV: “welcome to our team” LXNAV is my first sponsor, I am very honored to represent this company. The LX9070 was a big surprise and a challenge, which I decided to accept, I couldn’t believe that they had chosen me for such an important device.

Changing the panel, mounting the device, and learning a new system required a lot of energy, however the efforts were worth the result. Its complete customization allowed me to bring what I really need into the cockpit. Normally you have to adapt to changes, I thought I should do some training flights to take full advantage of my new panel. The LX9070 wasn’t a change, its ease of use put me in the condition to perform immediately on the first flight. My first sensation was: “I have ever flown with this instrument”.

My expectations at the beginning of the season were too high, I couldn’t reach all the goals, but I could achieve some important results together with my device. I flow six flights of more than 600km, the biggest one was 893km. I won the Italian gliding championship on club class, and I reached the third place at the Swiss junior championship. LX9070 was the missing gear between me, the glider and the air. Have a reliable instrument is important in order to perform. I am fully in tune with the instrument, my feelings corresponds to the displayed information, therefore I thrust LX9070 if the situation become difficult.

I’m really proud to have tested this device during my performance flights and competitions 😉


I am Petri Sucksdorff, a 26-year-old engineering student from Helsinki, Finland. I have been competing since 2013. My home airfield is Räyskälä, where I mostly fly gliders from our club – The Räyskälä aero club. Sometimes I also borrow my father’s ASG29, when he is not flying it. Lately I have tried to focus on flying with our club’s LS8, because I will be competing with it in the WGC in Ostrow this year. My goal this summer is to fly as much as I can, and to test my level internationally. So far, the season has been great and I’m looking forward to flying in Poland.

For the “get sponsored” deal, I applied for the nano4 instrument, because I wanted a decent backup navigation device and a secondary logger. I have been very satisfied with the nano4. It is small enough to have in the cockpit yet big enough to use for navigation


My name’s Ailsa McMillan, I’m 25, and I’ve been flying all over Australia for 10 years now. My first competition was in 2011, and since then I’ve had the chance to fly many more competitions in Australia and a few world championships. I love competition flying, because it’s a great way to learn a lot in a short space of time.

I tend to swap between different gliders a lot (my favourite glider is the one I’m flying!), so because of this the Nano 4 was the perfect choice. It’s been really good to use when coaching, and having it also means that I can loan friends my Nano 2 if they need it. Next week I’m driving up to Lake Keepit for the women’s pre-worlds, with a beautiful JS1 Revelation in tow. This already has an LX9000, so the Nano 4 with it’s jet engine ENL sensor makes the perfect backup logger and navigation system! My aim at this competition is to qualify for the women’s worlds that will be in Australia next summer.

Both the Nano 4 and 9000 have a very intuitive user interface, which means it’s really easy to pick up on and get the best out of quickly. It’s this great design that makes the LXNAV products some of the best on the market.

Thanks LXNAV for letting me join the team this year!


My name is Jacob and i’m 20 years old. I live in Denmark and are on the danish national team.
Gliding has always been a big part of my life. I’m 3. generation who are flying gliders, so a lot of
my childhood has taken place on the airfield.

Last year I got my own Discus 2a. With it, I compiled in 3 competitions, where my best result was at
the Danish championship. Here I finished 2. thanks to my LX9000. It is a fantastic instrument with
endless functions. LX provided me with the WIFI module for the LX9000, and with it I was able to
see direct weather information on my LX9000. That was a great help. Furthermore, at
competitions, it was able to automatedly download tasks, which was a nice feature.

Thanks to LXNAV for this sponsorship!


My name is Jakob Edmaier, I am 22 years old, and I am a glider pilot from Germany. Since I’ve got my license in 2015 I spend nearly 750 hours in the air. My club Sfz Königsdorf is located south of Munich and I love flying in the Alps! Last year I was flying an Ls8 and our clubs Arcus.

Since there were some restrictions on gliding in Bavaria due to the pandemic last year, my season began in mid-May with a beautiful week of flying on the Swabian Alb. In addition to many spontaneous flights from airports outside Bavaria, I was able to achieve my longest flight with over 930km from the Stillberghof in mid-July. In August it was time for the Franconian Sprint on the Feuerstein.

During all my flights I used the Nano 4, which absolutely convinced me with its long battery life and high reliability. In addition to the many functions this device offers, the particularly bright screen also stands out.

A big thank you to LXNAV for this brilliant device, I can absolutely recommend the Nano4 to anyone looking for a compact, versatile logger!


I am Alexandre Fierain, I am 20 years old and I have been flying for 8 years now in the North of France. Having learned to walk on an airfield, I have always been passionate about aviation. The glider is a real school of life and allows me to learn about myself day by day. The evolution of my results in competition allowed me to reach the french Pôle Espoir. This allows me to fly in the Southern Alps on high-level gliders which are all equipped with LX90XX. This is a great opportunity for us to train with LX devices.

The North of France not being a very favourable region for the big task, the Get Sponsored program of LXNAV allowed me to improve greatly by offering me a beautiful LX9000 for my ASW 27B. I also fly the ASW 20, on which I hope to soon equip a LX9000 for the club class. The LX9000 will be used for my 2021 championships in order to reach, I hope, my highest sports goals.

A big thank to LXNAV for their support, the opportunity they offer to young competitors and their quality glider Equipment.


I got sponsored with a LX8000 in 2020. The instruments are installed in an ASW19 and I already flew some competitions with the device. First the Swiss Junior Nationals in Schaenis, the Austrian Junior Nationals in Timmersdorf and the Czech Nationals in Tabor.

I am totally satisfied with my LX8000. Setting up the instruments is easy and intuitive, and my results have improved noticeably. It was a significant improvement in the instrumentation of my ASW19 and I am looking forward to fly some competitions in 2021 and the JWGC2022 in Tabor!

Many thanks to LXNAV for supporting me!


Hey. My name is Lukas and I’m 25 years old. I started flying when I was 15 in the eastern part of the Austrian Alps. My home airfield in the European summer is LOGM (Mariazell), but most of the time I spend in South Africa.

During the last few years, I won the Austrian junior championships 3 times and the South African junior championships. I am very grateful to have joined the #Getsponsored program back in 2020, and through the help of LXNAV was able to upgrade my LS7 with a brand new S100. It was love at first sight. I used multiple different varios and setups through the years, but after about 100 competition hours with the S100 I realized that it really is second to none.

Through my studies and work, I get to see the brand-new developments of LXNAV and Jonker Sailplanes and every time I get to fly one of the new aircraft equipped with LXNAV instruments I feel delighted. The interface is very intuitive, and the quality speaks for itself.

I am looking forward to many more competitions with the joy of LX NAV instruments.

Thank you very much!


My name is Johannes Beyer, I am 22 years old, and I am a glider pilot from Germany. Since I’ve got my license in 2016 I spend nearly 1000h in the air. My club is located south of Munich and the Alps are my playground. Most of the time I fly a Discus 2c or other gliders of my club.

2020 had a difficult start. With very strict lockdown rules gliding was not possible in Bavaria for quite some time. And even after that we struggled with travel bans in case of out landings in Austria, Switzerland and Italy. Nevertheless last year has offered some good weather conditions for great flights and we made the most out of it. Me and my friends took lots of opportunities to fly from airfields on the Swabian Alb. During one of those trips I was able to do my first 1000km in thermal conditions. Fortunately, in late summer we could even use some days for “normal mountain” gliding which was redemption for all the time grounded by regulations

Since I am most of the time flying club gliders the LX Nano adds a lot of reliability to my system. Declaration becomes super easy, fast and convenient. No more trouble connecting my PDA to different built-in flight computers. With its Battery life the Nano even survives the longest flights. It saved me more than one valid Logfile when the Planes battery got weak. Huge thank you to LXNav!


My name is Jan-Lucas Aberle and I am 20 Years old. My home airfield is Hahnweide, close to the Swabian alps. I am club member of Aeroclub Suttgart, where all of our gliders are equipped with a LX9XXX instruments.Since 2018 i am flying in competitions. This year I am very thankful to be part oft he German Sportsoldier Programm of Soaring. For my flights, Nano 4 is the perfect backup logger in combination with a LX 8000. I hope to achieve good results in the competitions that I am taking part of in 2021.

BIG THANKS to LXNAV for the great support and this very useful Logger.


I’m Thomas Greenhill, I’m 21 years old and I live in California in the USA. I learned to fly gliders when I was 15, and have since accumulated over 800 flight hours. I earned the title of U.S. Junior Champion in 2019, and placed 6th in the 2019 Open Class National Championship. In 2020, I joined the LXNAV GETSPONSORED team, flew my first 1000km flight, and ranked 18th in the OLC Speed-Champion (Worldwide).
The Nano 4 LXNAV sponsored me with in 2020 has helped me achieve many exceptional flights by acting as both a robust flight recorder and very convenient flight computer.
In 2021, I plan to compete in the Standard Class National Championships and the 18m National Championships, and I look forward to spending many more flight hours with the trusty Nano 4! I feel very grateful for LXNAV’s sponsorship in 2020 and 2021; with each hour I spend with LXNAV instruments, the more I come to appreciate how reliable and detail-oriented LXNAV instruments are.


I am Astrid Galaret, 23 years old and I started gliding by chance 5 years ago in the Centre region. I am a board member and the secretary of my gliding association Les Planeurs d’Orléans. 2019 was my first year in competitions. Thanks to my results, I am part of the well-known french training group Pôle Espoir. As I want to fly more and more contests to improve, I applied last year for the Get Sponsored partnership. It is a wonderful opportunity for me and the members of my gliding club to discover the LXNAV instruments. I fly 4 contests in 2021 and enjoy using the LXNAV instruments.
Huge thanks to LXNAV !

When I fly with gliders that don’t have such advanced instrumentation, I always use nano4, which I received in the get sponsored program. That way I can show my best performance regardless of the glider I fly.

I’m really thankful to LXNAV for all the support I have received.


My name is Wiktor Czubski, I’m 21 years old and Zamość is my home airport. I have been flying in the Junior Glider National Team since 2017, and I took my first steps on the runway when I was literally a few months old – then I started flying with my mom on gliders and with my dad on planes. I made my first solo flight on a glider when I was 15 years old.  Gliders won my heart and I try to pursue my career in this beautiful sport as much as I can.

In 2020, I joined the elite of the best young pilots – the LXNAV GETSPONSORED team. I chose the LX9050 together with a V8 and a  Remote stick as my devices. As I had flew gliders with the LX90xx before, I knew it was a necessary device to give the pilot an advantage. The navigation was put immediately in the glider, which I fly with my dad – our SZD-55.

This year’s edition of GETSPONSORED and LX9050 allowed me to win several tasks in the 2020 season. In 2021 I will continue my adventure with the LX, and it certainly gives me an opportunity to be the best season in my career.


I’m Bernard Dobre, a 21-year-old Slovenian glider pilot. I’ve been flying since July 2017, and since then, I’ve flown more than 800 hours. I’ve been sponsored by Lx Nav since 2020, but I’ve been flying with their instruments my whole gliding career. I fly on at least two competitions every year, where I achieve some relatively good results. On competitions, I normally fly with DG-300 with LX9050 and nave Nano 4 for backup. It’s a great combination of instruments, which significantly improves my tactics and offers very good reliability as well.

In the last two winters, I also started wave flying. Flying on waves demands good instrumentation that helps you see the terrain and your flight path. This makes it much easier to find a wave and stay on it. This winter, I broke a national absolute height record (8064m) and did a 1300km flight on waves with one of my friends with Duo Discus, where we broke two other national records. I can’t imagine doing this without Lx Nav instruments.

I’m thankful to Lx Nav for all the support I’ve got from them.


Hey! I am Michaela Rendlová, a 16 y.o. glider pilot from Czech Republic.

I dare to say that my gliding life is quite unusual. I started my training at 13 years of
age on Arcus M and two years later became the first Czech pilot to fly her first solo flight as self
launch. The whole practice started with me sitting in the cockpit getting into the habit of working
with LX9000. Since that day I must acknowledge that this device is my biggest comforter and
eases all of my flights.

2020 was simply out of my mind in all possible aspects. Before my pilot exams
in May I already flew over 280 hours, 17 000 km and none of this would be possible without my
awesome trainer, family and friends which supported me all the way through.
With all the excitement I immediately decided to participate in three competitions that season,
including Czech Nationals. The second day there came my biggest pride of my gliding carrier – I won the competition day in open class flying the amazing JS1 with average speed of 128 kph and after the whole competition I gained the title of Czech woman vice-champion.

However, after all, I realise that the conditions that I was raised in cause the success, therefore, I
aim to maintain humility and gratefulness for all that I was given. And even though, LXNAV plays a
major role in my achievements, the biggest thanks goess to my father Tomas as he has not only been
the best trainer and friend I could wish for, but was always my greatest role-model.

In 2020 I conquered my aspirations and milestones for several years and I am already now thrilled
for what 2021 holds. Thanks LXNAV for always being there for me!


I am Tomasz Hornik, almost 24 years old. I started gliding 7 years ago in Słupsk (north Poland). I have started my competition career in 2013. Since then I took part in many competitions mostly in Poland.

This year I had big honor to get LX9050 with V8 and WiFi from „get sponsored”. I remember my 1st flight with LX9050 in 2015, back then I was dreaming about flying with such avionics in glider and now I literally can’t imagine flying without it! So watch out, because it is addictive as gliding itself!

So far since 2015 I have flown 17 competitions with LX90XX devices. From that 12 of them I have finished on podium and won 6 times. I think that LX90XX is taking big part in my results. Why? It helps the pilot in tactical thinking by the way it shows information on the map and in configured info boxes which can be chosen by the pilot to show only what he wants and needs.

For me LX90XX became some sort of basic avionics nowadays, it something more than just another screen in cockpit – it became an icon. I can’t imagine any new glider without LX90XX and for sure, one day when I will have my own glider inside you will find LX90XX!

Thanks to support from LXNAV I was able to become 2nd Junior Vice-World Champion in Standard Class, win 4th time in a row Polish Junior Nationals, 2nd time in a row win 15m class in Nitra and became Polish Vice Champion in 15m class!

Thank you!


I am Mark Travner, 22 years old from Slovenia. I have been flying since I was 15. 2019 was my 5th competition season and I have been lucky enough to have LXNAV support through most of my racing career.

With the help of Get Sponsored programme I managed to participle in three world championships and achieve many good results, including winning Slovenian nationals and my biggest achievement to date, victory in Nitra at Pribina Cup 2019.

I mostly fly club class with DG300 equipped with LX8000. It is the perfect size for the glider I fly, while providing me all the information I need. It is hard to imagine flying without this state-of-the-art navigation so whenever I switch to different pair of wings, I always make sure to take my trusty Nano4 with me.

Looking forward to many more flying hours with LXNAV instruments. Thank you!


My name’s Barbora, I am 23 year’s old and I am from a flying family which is based in Zbraslavice, Czech Republic.

I started flying in 2012 and flew my first competition in 2014. Since then I’ve been trying to keep on improving and gaining more and more experience with each of my flight as I completely fell in love with gliding, so I applied for Get Sponsored partnership to be equipped with precise device to be able to focus on all the important parts of my flight. I usually fly beloved ASW-19B Charlie Foxtrot and since 2016 I “cheat” on him with different gliders only occasionally​. And so I chose S100 it is a device which provides it all, reliable navigation and accurate variometer with large display. I’ve flown many competitions since 2014 including Czech Nationals since 2016. In 2016 I managed to be a daily winner at the Nationals and year later I managed to acquire 8th place in total and I became Czech woman champion in club class.

This year I forwarded the title to my wingwoman Klára Teichmannová and I became Czech woman vice-champion.

I hope that more and bigger achievements will come in the future and I am so grateful LXNAV supports me in what I love in 2019.

Thank you!


My name is Davide Giovanelli, I am 23 years old, I am a swiss glider pilot. I have flown since 2010, I have 1350 flight hours and I flew over than 58000km.

I discovered the #getsponsored program on facebook and I decided to apply for it. After a month, at the beginning of February, I received an email from LXNAV: “welcome to our team” LXNAV is my first sponsor, I am very honored to represent this company. The LX9070 was a big surprise and a challenge, which I decided to accept, I couldn’t believe that they had chosen me for such an important device.

Changing the panel, mounting the device, and learning a new system required a lot of energy, however the efforts were worth the result. Its complete customization allowed me to bring what I really need into the cockpit. Normally you have to adapt to changes, I thought I should do some training flights to take full advantage of my new panel. The LX9070 wasn’t a change, its ease of use put me in the condition to perform immediately on the first flight. My first sensation was: “I have ever flown with this instrument”.

My expectations at the beginning of the season were too high, I couldn’t reach all the goals, but I could achieve some important results together with my device. I flow six flights of more than 600km, the biggest one was 893km. I won the Italian gliding championship on club class, and I reached the third place at the Swiss junior championship. LX9070 was the missing gear between me, the glider and the air. Have a reliable instrument is important in order to perform. I am fully in tune with the instrument, my feelings corresponds to the displayed information, therefore I thrust LX9070 if the situation become difficult.

I’m really proud to have tested this device during my performance flights and competitions 😉


I’m Sophie from Germany and I’m 17 years old.

When I was a child my father took me to the airfield. I started flying when I was 14 years old. I’m flying at the SFG Giulini gliding-club near Mannheim. For me it’s more than a hobby, it’s a passion. When I got my licence one year ago I started flying at competitions, for example the German national championship for women in 2018.

At the nationals I flew a DG300 with an LX8080 instrument so I’ve already proven it’s utility for competition. For 2019 I applied get sponsored and got a LX8080 for my sponsored glider a LS8 Neo. Now I have great equipment and it’s helping me a lot. Inserting task is very simple so you have enough time to relax and concentrate on other things. The LX8080 is easy to use and has a lot of nice features. A great feature for example is the possibility to display other gliders as a target in LX8080, so I can avoid near misses or close calls.

The partnership with LXNAV give you the possibility to test out some really nice instruments.

Thank you LXNAV for this possibilities .


Hi, I’am Selina “Sally” Mihalyi, 27 years from Germany. My club is the LSC Interflug Berlin in Friedersdorf. You usually meet me in the cockpit of my ASW19b.

Aviation has always been my passion and at age 21 I finally saved enough money to start flying. The year 2019 was my fourth season with license and with the 2nd place of the Berlin championship also the most successful so far.

LX NAV contributed a great deal to this by providing me with the NANO logger. Using the handy logger, I was able to declare my tasks quickly and easily. The enormous battery life makes the logger very reliable and you do not have to sacrifice one of the rare power sockets in the tent at competitions every night.

I am more than excited with this device and I highly recommend it to anyone. You can find out more about me at: www.team-sally.com.

Many thanks to LX NAV for their support this season!


My name is Rokas and I am a 25 year old glider pilot from Lithuania. My home club is Pociūnai, where I started gliding with LAK16 sailplanes when I was 10 years old. This year I was flying with club class gliders Jantar Std 3 and Pegasus 101A.

At the start of the season I participated in the Antanas Rukas Cup and Lithuanian national club class championship. During these competitions, I had an amazing opportunity to try the LXNAV S100. It is a highly accurate digital variometer which surprised me with its precision and brightness of the big screen.

As a member of the Lithuanian gliding team, I also participated in the 11th FAI Junior World Gliding Championships in Szeged. Although unseen Hungarian gliding areas were completely new to me, it was very easy to navigate, thanks to the LXNAV 9000 in my cockpit. It took me just a few days to make the most of this device and enjoy successful flights.

After this season, it would be difficult to imagine gliding without LXNAV products, therefore I am so grateful to the LXNAV team for this opportunity.


My name is Jan Schulz, I’m 19 years old and my homebase is in Isny / Allgäu, Germany.

At the age of 13 I started my glider training, my first solo flight was on my 14th birthday and I got my Glider pilot license one week after my 16th birthday. Gliding is my passion.

With my Glasflügel Hornet, the support of LXNav and the sponsored S10 Vario, I was able to complete numerous good flights this year.

Directly at the beginning of the season 2019 I won the Junior Qualification Championship in Oerlinghausen.

I also did a lot of nice long and exciting flights with my glider and the S10 Vario.

With this success I have been invited to become a member for Baden-Württemberg Junior Gliding Team (D-Kader).

I applied for the S10 Vario from LX Nav, because I wanted to have a gliding instrument that is reliable even with total failure of the other systems and it´s also IGC approved. The settings in the S10 were very easy to program and it is very intuitive to use. If it happens that the glider-batteries are empty before the end of a long flight, with the S10 you can still finish your flight without any critical issues.

Thank you to LXNAV for your support for a great chance to try this device.


I am Kiki Šantrůčková, 23 years old. I´m from the aeroclub Podhořany (VAP), which is in the middle of the Czech Republic. I have been flying since I was 14.
I am usually flying ASW15b and my dream glider is LS8 Neo, ASG29, or HPH 304 Shark.
2019 was my 3rd competition season and I´m very proud that LXNAV has been my sponsor this year! I contacted LXNAV because I wanted to get the LX8080 as this instrument is perfect for my ASW15 – it´s small and doing all what I need.
When I first flew with it, I totally fell in love with it and wondered how I could fly without such a device – is absolutely perfect!

Thanks to LX8080 I got missing diamond badge and next year I look forward to better myself. In the future I would love to try LX 9000 with Wi-Fi module or Nano4.

Because I am a student, I know how hard it is to make money for flying, let alone buy a new device to glider.

i am very happy for sponsoring. Do not forget follow me on Instagram, @kikisantruckova. There you will be able to check up how my season is going!


I am Florian, a 23-year old glider pilot from Stockholm, Sweden.

I have been dreaming of flying since I was a little child, and at age 19 I had saved enough to start taking flying lessons at Östra Sörmlands Aeroclub in Sörmland, Sweden. From my first attempt at a cross-country flight, I was hooked on gliding and especially competition flying.

This year I was sponsored with the Nano 4, and got some amazing results. I managed to catch 7 prizes in the Swedish National Online Competition in bothspeed, distance, and altitude, and got recruited to the Swedish Junior Gliding Team.Now the goal is to take my Jantar Standard and go to the Junior Nordic Championships in Denmark and then on to the Junior World Championships in the Czech Republic and bring home some medals!

The Nano 4 is amazingly useful. It worked really great together with XC-soar, which made navigating and file management so much easier. I used the bluetooth function toconnect my phone, and could easily upload tasks and download logg-files. It also features an amazing battery life and easy to use interface. Flying with the Nano 4 is a privilege.

A big thanks to LX Nav for this sponsorship!ilege. A big thanks to LX nav for this sponsorship!


I am Christian Polizzano from Germany. I am 20 years old, and I am flying since I was 14.

My favorite airplane is the Ls8 “SM“ from our gliding club in Mannheim, which is my home airfield.
My dreamed glider is the Ls8e-neo with the FES, which I think will be the future in terms of glider propulsion.

My greatest achievement in the year 2019 is an almost 800 km triangle with the Ls8. Thanks to the NANO3 that I got sponsored by LX Nav, I could log my flight without any problems. The NANO3 is a perfect device that is simple to operate and very handy.

I am looking forward to flying greater distances next year and to use the full capacity of my glider and my equipment from LX Nav.

Thank you LX Nav to give young pilots the opportunity to try your high-end equipment which is one big step towards success in the gliding scene!


I am Balázs Laktis, from Budapest, Hungary. I’m 25 years old, and I have been flying since 2010 and I have been competing since 2014. I had mostly flown in Club class but since this season I had to changed to Standard class. In 2019 I got the chance to fly at Junior World Championship. I finished 15th – my greatest achievement.

In the #getsponsored program I chose the S10 standalone variometer. In my opinion, this variometer is the best in its category, because of the accuracy, user-friendly interface, lots of interesting options and of course the fantastic display.

I’m very pleased to be a part of this #getsponsored program, it helped me a lot in this busy but successful season! Thank you LXNAV!


My name is Jonas Pitschen, I’m 23 years old and I come from Switzerland. I usually
fly from the airport Buttwil in the Gliding Club Zurich in the middle of Switzerland with
a variety of destinations like the Alps, Blackforest, Swabian Alb, Jura Hills and many
more. Two days after my 16th birthday I got my gliding licence. This season was my
sixth with competitions. So far I’ve spent 600 hours with the most beautiful hobby
hobby in the world.

At the beginning of this year I was able to fullfill my dream of flying my own glider. I
had the opportunity to buy a wonderful Discus 2b. I think the dream of every gliding
owner is to have a large moving map computer in the cockpit. So I decided to ask LX
NAV to sponsor me with the LX 9070 and to my astonishment they said YES!
Together with the Nano 4 which I bought two years ago it’s simply an amazing

The highlight of this year for me was the Junior World Gliding
Championships in Szeged, Hungary. I could
improve my gliding skills and learned a lot. I was able to finish three races in the top
12. In 2020 I will try to fly as much as possible and i will already start the preparation for
the next JWGC 2021 in Czech Republic.

I want to say thank you to LX NAV for this great idea to support young ambitious


I’m Karolis Mikalauskas from Lithuania. Currently 27 years old. Probably for most of the glider pilots Lithuania associated with Pociunai airfield, but I‘m from second biggest, Paluknys – next to our capital Vilnius. In my only 2nd competitive gliding season even though I already travelled the world with gliding as part of the national team. I fly Jantar Std.2 in club class as most of the glider pilots in eastern Europe.

2019 went way much better than expected before the start of the season. In cups ended 3rd and 1st overall. Grabbed my first win(!), but most importantly finished 5th overall in Lithuanian Club class nationals. All results could not be achieved without S100 sponsored by LXNAV. I loved it from the first flight. It has a full package of functions which totally fulfil glider pilot needs at this stage of career as mine for sure. I truly believe it is the best instrument for its money.

Before applying to the Get Sponsored program I was 100% sure I won’t be selected as I flew only one competitive, but LXNAV boosted my glider pilot career.

Big thank you LXNAV for the trust!


I am Pieter Daems, 23 years old and form Belgium. Officially, I started gliding at the age of 14 (which was te minimum age in Belgium some years ago), but dit my first flight at the age of 3. My dad was a gliding instructor, so it was obvious that I soon would start gliding as well. I’m a member of Aeroclub Keiheuvel, located in the north of Belgium.

Belgium is a small country and sponsorship isn’t easy. We all have to do it on ourselves. This made the Get Sponsored programme interesting for me. With the help of LXNAV, I was able to test the Nano 4 logger. A practical design in a small case, perfect for use at briefings, on the field and in the glider! It would fit club use as well.

I mostly fly a Discus 2T (TP) of my dad. It is equipped with a LX8000. The Nano was a perfect backup IGC logger to fly competitions (Bailleau 2019). My goals for the next year are to fly some comps like the Belgian Nationals, Bailleau 2020 and some local comps. My goal is a top 3 place in Bailleau, like the previous years.

Thanks to LXNAV for this sponsorship!


Hi, my name is Mathilde Metz from the Bailleau gliding club in France. I flew in several competitions this year using the Nano3 from LXNAV get sponsored.

It was the best! The Nano3 helped me be confident about my flight logs during championships, I new that nothing could go wrong as long as I had my Nano3 with me. The long-lasting battery was a real pleasure too! As I flew championships on several different gliders this year, having a Nano3 was handy to switch from one glider to another.

In the beginning of the season, I flew the Double seaters nationals with my boyfriend Nicolas who is also part of the LXNAV get sponsored deal. It was really fun to fly the championship together with the Nano3 that Nicolas got to try too in addition to his LX9050!

This year following the 2019 season I was selected to be part of the Pôle Espoir, thank you LXNAV for supporting me all the way !

Looking forward to some more flying with LXNAV devices!

Thank you LXNAV!


Hello, my name is Jelmer Vis. I’m from the Netherlands and 22 years old. Since 2012 I have been flying at a small aeroclub in the northern part off the Netherlands. Since the beginning of my flying, I always saw the big boys coming home in the afternoon with big stories. Sometimes they flew as much as 500 km, and I was really amazed. At one moment I really knew competition flying was made for me. After my first solo flight, a lot of people arrived at the aeroclub. They came from a one-day competition at a near airfield. They had even bigger stories.

This year I had the possibility to use an LX9050 via the get sponsored deal. This made it possible to have the best preparation for the Junior Worlds in Hungary. I really liked the device and in my opinion one of the best pieces off equipment, a pilot can have.

Get sponsored is a great program from LXNAV and really good help for the younger glider pilots!


I’m Jannes Stahf, 20 years old and from Berlin. I started gliding at the age of 14 at Lüsse Airfield. Since then my passion for cross country flights grew big. In 2019 I was part of the German Sportsoldiers and got to fly around 500 hours within one year. Nearly every flight was done with LXNAV equipment on board! In this year I participated at 4 competitions, including German 18-Meter Nationals. But to me, the most memorable moment this season was when I broke the 1000 km mark for the first time.

Most of the time I flew a Ventus 3 with LX9070 equipped, but I always used my sponsored Nano 4 as a backup. It’s very convenient to use. I think the touchscreen is, compared to Nano 3, a big upgrade in comfort and much more user-friendly.

Many thanks to LXNAV for providing sponsoring like this!


My name is Ionut Tudor, I am a 23 years old glider pilot from Romania. I started to fly in 2015 within Romanian Airclub. Throughout the year I fly around 8 glider types, but mostly the Std. Jantar and Discus 2a. I’m still in love with the Discus2a.

My biggest achievements this year were the second place at the 59th Romanian National Championship – Mixed class and a flight over 1000km along the Carpathian mountains. My next year goal is to participate in more competitions and improve my soaring skills.

I wanted to have a Nano 4 because of the mobility of this instrument. Considering that I don’t fly just a single glider throughout a season, I needed a small, portable and easy to use flight recorder.

Thank you LXNAV!


My name is Mike Bauer (23) and I’m flying on the military airfield in Ingolstadt at the sport flying group of the WTD 61. There I started gliding in 2010 and have been competing since 2017.

This year I had the great honour to be sponsored with a NANO4. It fitted perfectly into the LS4 with which I mainly flew that year. The small device is perfect for flying. It’s small and handy, but with the relatively large touchscreen, you can quickly read the most important flight parameters even in direct sunlight. All around a successful device that was not only used as a backup logger!

With the great support of LXNAV, I became the best junior at the German Seniors Championship and was allowed to participate for two weeks in Bitterwasser in the 1000km training camp of Wilfried Großkinsky.

Due to my sporting successes, I also got a Nimbus 4 aeroplane at my disposal for 2020. In this sense, thanks again to LXNAV, you are doing an excellent job!


My name is Oliver Andersson. I’m 28 years old, my club is Borås Glidingclub. I have gliding for 8 years and have 850 hours gliding! I have an own Ls1-f since 3 years back which I fly most frequently. Longest distance flown 729 km.

The instrument by my choice was a Standalone Vario S10 with AHRS, which has been a good friend this summer 2019! I have used the S10 as a vario and secondary logger, In Sweden it is also allowed to fly in clouds and in this situations the AHRS has been a really good friend. When I fly other gliders I often bring my Nano, then I feel safe anytime. My greatest achievements so far is first place at Swedish nationals club class 2018. Competitions 2019. Nationals in Norway and club class EGC in Slovakia.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to borrow the S10 Vario this season, and I`am sending my best regards to the LXNAV Team!


My name is Konrad and I’m 22. I’m a Polish glider pilot flying in Sweden at a club close to Stockholm.

My adventure with soaring started in 2014 and I got so hooked that two years later I bought my first glider, Jantar Standard 2. I got “tricked” out on my first cross country flight by my instructor. We were just flying around, I was following him. I asked him after a while where we were, then he told me we are over a city far away from home, I found it very encouraging and fun. Since then I have participated in many competitions. 2019 was the best year so far. I have flown further, faster and more than ever before and it’s very much thanks to LXNAV get sponsored program.

I got sponsored with LX8080 since the flight computer in my Jantar was very outdated and I wanted to upgrade my instruments. So I did not only change the computer but with some help, I redid the whole panel and electronic system. The lx8080 is a great help, very easy and intuitive to use, I’m extremely satisfied with it.

My ambitions for next year are even bigger, to compete in more regional and national competitions. Swedish Junior Championship is coming up this year and I really am looking forward to it.

Thank you LXNAV for this opportunity, you are doing a great job motivating and helping young and prosperous glider pilots.


My name is Kinga Tchorz and I am 25 years old. My club is Aeroklub Nadwiślański (north Poland). Since 2017 I am a member of Junior National Gliding Team. For me, gliding is a lifestyle and I’m trying to adapt everything to it, never the other way around. I want to promote gliding, fight with stereotypes and prove that gliders fly faster, higher, longer and further than they think.

In “GetSponsored” I have received Nano4 device, which I have tested in the whole 2019 season during competition and training flights. It’s an excellent device that combines mobility and practicality. The big advantage is the great battery capacity and compact size of the device. Thanks to the display readable during sunny days we can put in on instrument panel and use as primary GPS during cross-country flights. For me, it’s something more than just an IGC logger. It has a very comfortable function of sending flight records via Wi-Fi. The easy interface enables efficient use of the device and provides the ability to set preferred infoboxes.

Recently, I had an opportunity to fly with the LX9050, which contains all the necessary functions. Its versatile interface gives you the possibility to create your own profile, select the must-have infoboxes and adapt them graphically for your own taste. Someday if I will buy my own glider, the LX9050 or its development version will be definitely in it.


I’m Renate, 23 years from Germany and the magic of sailplane gliding managed to be my main interest for the last 9 years now! I am flying at LSV Thermik Alfeld and Akaflieg Hannover near my studies.

As I don’t have an own plane, I’m flying the clubs or friends gliders. As I have experienced a broken IGC file more then once by now, I sometimes borrowed a Nano. I loved the easiness, even though I wished for a bigger screen on the Nano³, I could still use it while flying the ASW19 from AMF.

Now, no matter which plane I fly, thanks to the Nano4, thoughts about not recording won’t bother me. I always have a reliable igc-logger and navigation system with me. Bluetooth port works perfectly for connection with phone or Waytec. Especially in the DG100 here space is rare the Nano4 is very useful.

Every time I used the Nano4 I just smile and can enjoy the beauty of soaring.

Thank you LXNAV for supporting young pilots!


My name is Maximiliano Luengo, I am from Argentine and I am very passionate about flying. From a very young age I went to the Rivadavia Gliders Club accompanying my brother Sebastián.
When I was old enough to be a glider pilot I started the course, three months later in August 2009 I graduated. Today I have more than 700 hours and three National Championships in the Club Class where I obtained good classifications, 3rd, 2nd and 10 °.
During this season I will try to fly the next National Club in the city of Chaves, making the most of the LXNAV instruments, the S8 and LX8000 that I have on the panel.
I am very grateful to LXNAV for this opportunity and I hope they can continue with this initiative.


My name is Jonas Zeller, I am 19 years old and my home airfield is Rheinstetten near Karlsruhe in Germany. Since I have got my license back in 2017 I flew about 500h. I love flying in the Black Gorest, on the Swabian Alb and in the Odenwald!

The season 2020 had a really bad start for nearly all glider pilots in Germany. Because of the strict lockdowns in Baden-Württemberg I wasn’t able to fly for a long time. In my case the season 2020 started at the end of may after I had written my a-level-exams. In 2020 I achieved some good cross country distances and mostly focused on the DMSt. My best flight in this season was a declared triangle with 670km and a free distance of nearly 800km in a LS4b-neo.

Most of the time I fly my clubs LS4b-neo, Discus 2ct or the DG1001T which are all equipped with LX80XX or LX90XX devices. In combination with the Nano 4 as a backup logger this is the perfect setup for competition, cross country and DMSt flying.

During all my flights the Nano 4 convinced me with the easy handling, the bright display and its good battery life. Also the easy way to declare a task was a nice feature of the Nano 4.

That‘s the reason why I can recommend the Nano 4 to every pilot! I am really thankful that LXNAV sponsored me for 2020 and I am locking forward to use this brilliant device for another year!


Good day fellow Glider Pilots :-). My name is Fabian Hoffmann, I am a 22 year old glider pilot from Vienna who started gliding in 2015. My homebase is the grass airfield Wiener Neustadt West – LOXN from where I collected the most of my around 800 flight hours in gliding.

I have been practising cross-country gliding for a few years now, and more and more my fascination for competition gliding has developed, as I find that one can learn the most in competition situations.
In 2020, LXNAV accepted me into their wonderful “GetSponsored” programme, for which I would like to thank them very much. I think it’s incredibly great how LXNAV is supporting junior gliding in particular, enabling young pilots to use the best equipment to get the most out of every flying day.

LXNAV supports me with the fantastic “NANO4” logger, which has served me perfectly on many great flights through its great functions and simple operation as well as the large battery capacity, you can simply put it in the side pocket and no longer have to worry about flight-recording. The NANO4 can also be used as a very functional flight computer.

Many thanks dear LXNAV Team 🙂


I am Lilla Szamosujvári, a 23-year-old glider pilot from Hungary. My gliding career started in 2016, attended my first competition in 2018, and became a member of the Junior National Team in 2020. Gliding became my life ever since.

As I don’t own a glider yet, I have been renting Jantars for whole seasons in the last three years so an equipment which I can carry and rely on was essential. I hope to buy a glider soon and equip it with the best equipment available which is LXNAV. The S100 will move with me of course, so I am one step closer to the final goal.

My Nano 3 was my first LXNAV equipment and has always been a great companion at every competition I have been to. As I am always keen to improve my skills, the S100 has always helped me to analyse every move of mine and find the core of the thermal more easily. The built in battery is the cherry on top.

I am incredibly grateful for this sponsorship and opportunity!


My name is Vincent Löffler and I am from Saxony, Germany.
I have been flying cross country a lot since 2019 and I am very excited to fly again.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to have a competition in 2020. For this reason, I am currently successfully participating in the so-called “German Cross Country Gliding Championship”, which is a decentralized competition in Germany. Moreover, 2020 was my second year of being a member of the Saxon squad.

Nevertheless, last year gave me the perfect opportunity to try out the sponsored Nano 4 logger. I used it both as a backup and as a screen for additional in-flight information. I was most impressed with the accuracy and brightness of the screen. I really enjoyed having a completely self-sufficient system on board. All of this is great in flight, but even on the ground the Nano 4 was much more comfortable than expected.

I really want to thank them for letting me have this great experience. So many thanks to LXNAV!


Hi! I am Balazs Endrodi, a 28 years old pilot from Hungary. I started gliding in 2008 at 14 years of age. Since then gliding became my life. My first competition experience was in 2010 and I have taken part in many competitions since, most of them in Hungary.

I am always trying to improve my flying, analyzing every flight and trying to have the best instruments available. Since 2019 I am lucky to have my own glider, an ASW-19B, FH which is constantly getting upgraded to perform better and better.

I was always flying with LXNAV equipment, be it the NANO3 or the PowerMouse, but when I had a chance to try a glider with the S10 vario, I immediately fell in love with how the indications are perfectly in sync with what I feel the air is doing. The IGC logger and the built in battery are just added bonuses, making it the complete vario package I needed for FH.

Thank you very much LXNAV for the sponsorship and I am looking forward to more success in the future!


I am Rick Meesters, 22 years old and started flying at the Aeroclub Salland in the Netherlands. Soon after I started I was impressed with the stories of cross country flying which motivated me to start doing this myself. The thing I like about gliding is getting the most out of the everyday challenge provided by the weather, especially in a competitive way.

At the end of 2019 I took over a Pegase c101a together with my brother and a friend which made it possible to adjust it to my own wishes. This brought me to the Get Sponsored programme which gave me the opportunity to fly with the S100 and the Trafficview57. This upgrade got me my desired instrument panel to get the most out of my flights. The S100 is the ultimate variometer for me, because it combines all the necessary information and functions in a compact device and provides you with very accurate measurements. The Travicview57 is a great addition to the S100, because the traffic around you is visualized all the time.

Due to corona the competitive flying was paused for me, but with a 700km flight as biggest achievement in 2020 the LXNAV instruments already proved their worth. I’m planning to participate in two competitions and a few smaller ones so let’s hope 2021 will bring us some more possibilities!

Big thanks to LXNAV for the sponsorship and for providing young pilots with the high-end equipment!


My name is Tom Wetzel, I am 20 years old and I live in Munich. I usually fly from our airfield near the Zugspitze in the Alps, but now and then also to the flatlands. Last year I was part of the Bundeswehr sports promotion group and had a whole year to fly. Unfortunately all major championships have been canceled, but I am confident that the German Junior Championship will take place in August.

I was also able to gain a lot of experience with different types of aircraft. In 2020 I had a Ventus 3 from the German Aeroclub, equipped with an LX9070, for one year. In addition to the Ventus I also had the opportunity to fly an Ls 8 Neo with an LX8000. This year I am a scholarship holder of the German Aeroclub and I am allowed to fly a Nimbus 4 with LX9050 for one year.

My biggest success was 1000km FAI with the Ventus last year. This year I was able to cover long distances from Puimoisson to far behind the Matterhorn, I also managed to fly from Germany to France and back the next day.

All of these successes would simply not be possible without this great junior sponsorship even from companies like LXNAV. I would like to thank you for how much you support the juniors. Of course, THANK YOU again for your reliable devices and the always good support.


I am Mikko Ylihärsilä 22 years old glider pilot from Finland. I started gliding in 2013 and now have around 600 hours of flight time. I started flying in competitions in 2017.

In 2020 i was fortunate enough to get sponsored by LXNAV and I got LX9000 with V9 which we installed on our Ls-7. I am more than satisfied with the LX9000. It gives me more than enough information.

If everything goes as planned for the season I will be participating in Finnish nationals and Junior European gliding championship at Pociunai in club class.


We are Bas Douma (28) and Sander Hofstee (27). We started gliding in 2009. During our training we became best friends. Since then it was our dream to one day be the owners of a beautiful glider. In May 2018 we finally saved up enough money and got the opportunity to buy a Std. Cirrus.

In 2019 we redesigned our instrument panel. Since we are a huge fan of LX NAV, we applied for the #GetSponsored program and we were very happy when we heard that LX NAV wanted to sponsor a S100 flight computer. We also bought the TrafficView to display traffic information from FLARM and ADS-B on a separate display for maximum safety and situational awareness. We’re convinced that this is the perfect setup!

We both flew the Dutch Junior’s (NJW) twice in the past few years. Bas has also participated in the Open Dutch Military Competition (OMK) in 2019, and since he’s still a student, he also flew the National Student Competition (NSK) in 2019. Both of us have logged over 1000 flights and 350 hours.

Our goal for 2022 is to make our first 500 km flight, to participate in various competitions and to become a flight instructor at our local club.

We’re really grateful to LX NAV for the sponsorship of this fantastic device and their support!


Hi! My name is Christopher – better known as Hanson – I am 22 years old and from Hamburg, Germany. In 2015, I started gliding at my home airfield Wenzendorf (at the northern edge of the Lüneburger Heide) and have collected 800 flight hours so far. Cross-country soaring piqued my interest directly after finishing my pilot license in 2017 and my first competitions followed in 2018. I applied for the Get Sponsored program by LXNAV in hope of my lucky third competition year 2020. As we all know, 2020 did not turn out to be a big year for gliding and all competitions in Germany were cancelled. My club was luckily able to begin our flight season in late May and with my first declared 600 km FAI triangle on an ASW 19 around Hanover, I was able to make some progress. Another highlight was my trip to the French Alps in late summer, where I had 9 awesome flights within our two weeks stay. The Get Sponsored Programme was extended for another year, but all competitions I applied for were cancelled in 2021 as well. Although the weather in northern Germany didn’t provide many good days for big cross-country flights, I still managed to earn an overall 8th place in club class in the DMSt (German cross-country soaring competition)!

During all those adventures I had my sponsored NANO 4 Logger with me. Since I don’t have my own glider, a mobile logger is essential if you switch between gliders, and you don’t want to worry about your flight logging. The NANO 4 also functions as a flight computer with complete navigation features which I used for backup navigation. Redundancy is very important in my opinion – I had enough inflight battery outages where I had to rely on my backup systems. Another well- programmed navigation device eases your mind and keeps you focused on the other important tasks while flying.

Thank you very much to LXNAV for sponsoring me during the last two years! I can highly recommend any young pilot to apply for their Get Sponsored program!


Hi! I am Matthieu Hénin a French glider pilot flying at the famous Bailleau Airfield in the center of France.

I started the glider in 2014. It’s a universe full of challenges where progress opportunities are endless. Today, I totalize 500 hours of flight. In 2020 I entered the French training group Pole Espoir and I had the chance to join the LXNAV GETSPONSORED. It is a wonderful opportunity to make know the LXNAV Products.

As I use to fly differents gliders, I always use the Nano4 which is a wonderful logger and help to navigation. I am totally confident even when I fly cross-country flights or competitions. The long-lasting battery allowed me to fly a 750 km task without any charging ! In competitions, delogging your flight on your phone and sending it to the scoring is a real pleasure ! No more stress taking out you computer and SD card !

Thanks LXNAV for supporting me in my gliding season!


My name is Max Maslak, I am 19 years old and fly in Bonn-Hangelar near Cologne, Germany. After my glider training I noticed directly that I have a lot of fun with competition flying. So I was able to achieve my first successes at my first competitions and make many new friends. With the sponsored S100 I replaced the old vario in the Kiwi from my father, which improved the flying with the glider significantly.

I am very curious how the new HAWK feature works which I still want to try out.

Many thanks to LXNAV and the #getsponsored program. I highly recommend the S100 as it is a very reliable, accurate and modern variometer.


Hi! My name is Henrik Theiss. I am 23 Years old and i am a glider pilot from Germany. My homeclub is Grabenstetten, which is located on the swabian alb. I started flying gliders at the age of 14. Since then i have flown over 1300 hours. I am regularily flying competitions, but i also love to fly long distance flights.

In the last 2 years I had the opertunity to fly the OLC Discus 2ct and another sponsored Glider. During this time LXNav sponsored me with the Nano4 Logger. I applied for this device, because I wanted to have a reliable Logger that isn’t dependant on the gliders power supply.

In that year i found that the Nano4 device is very reliable and easy to use. After the flight i can upload my flights really easy, because of the integrated LXNav Connect feature. Thank you LXNav!


My name is Sebastian Pöchlauer, I am 20 years old 5and I started flying about 5 years ago, in 2015. I am flying in the Austrian national team and since I’ve got my license I spend about 800 hours of glider flying in the air. I was born in an “flying family” and now I am flying in the 3rd generation, so a lot of my childhood has taken place on the airfield.

Since 2017 I am flying competitions which is amazing for me. I had the opportunity to fly the Austrian Junior Nationals and also the junior world gliding championship in Hungary 2019 with an Discus 2. I got sponsored with the Nano 4, which I used every flight and I was totally satisfied.

Many thanks to LXNAV for supporting me!


Hi, my name is Bibi and I’m from Czech republic. I grew up at the airfield Medlanky located in the South Moravian region in a pilot’s family.For a long time of my life I was not much into gliding on my own, but my father always took me once or twice a year for a flight and I liked it a lot. At the age 18-19 I came home with the idea that I would like to try it on my own and start Elementary training, but my parents weren’t excited.

Few years later with some saved money from summer jobs I made it through the Elementary training and I started to train cross country flying. In the first seasons I flew ASW 15B and attended some regional competitions and Junior National Championships.

After some years of flying experiences my father gave me the trust and let me fly his glider LAK17at. Unluckily in the first LAK season our old navigation and IGC Instrument gave it up. During the winter break I discovered the #getsponsoredby LXNAV program and applied for S100.

I became a member of the LXNAV team and the S100 became part of our LAK! We made it to fly my first FAI 500, we experienced flying in the Sauerland in Western Germany and I got excited about the HAWK!

Many thanks for supporting me!


I’m Jakub Kaczorowski, 22, gliding for 8 years in Włocławek (central Poland).

3 years into my career, I have started a big journey in life – competition flying. For 2 years I am honoured to fly in LXNAV team and use the best vario I have ever tried – S100.

In my club, advanced avionics were always a big problem. I was dreaming about flying with such equipement and now I cannot imagine my tasks without it. For almost 400 hours, LXNAV vario has never let me down, giving me the opportunity to fight for top places in polish competitions. I’m very grateful to LXNAV, because their support was one of the key factors to make my dream of flying in JWGC come true. In 2022 I am going to use

LXNAV layout again. Now it will be the LX9000 in our national team’s gliders.


I am 24 years old, and my home is the Oeventrop airfield in Sauerland. There I learned to fly and started to fly cross-country. In the meantime, I have spent about 1000 hours in the air, and I also like to fly competitions. From 2020 to the end of 2021, I was allowed to be a part of the “LX Get-Sponsored Program”.

Whether in competition, cross-country flight, the French Alps ore South Africa, the “LX-Nano4” has always been a very reliable enrichment in the cockpit. Compatibility with the other “LX” devices and the relaxed upload of flights with the Wi-Fi function are definitely a great added value for every pilot. That’s why I would like to thank the “LX-Team” once again for providing me and other young pilots with these opportunities. Keep up the good work, you are great!


My name is Julian and I am a 23 years old engineering student and glider pilot from Germany. I started flying at the age of 13 and soon after receiving my license started to explore the beauty and challenge of cross-country flight. For me, flying is and always was about challenging myself, discovering new aspects of this beautiful sport and experiencing the new perspectives that our hobby brings.

Being more efficient, going faster and further soon got my attention and I enjoyed the fast pace at which I was able to grow as a pilot through the intense experience of cross-country flying. First experiences in competitions followed and in 2019 I qualified for the German junior nationals in clubclass with my clubs Std. Cirrus.

For the 2020 competition season, LXNAV thankfully provided me with an LX Nano 4 which helped not only as a backup logger, but also provided very useful and solid backup navigation.
Unfortunately COVID 19 impacted my plans just as everyone elses, competitions were canceled and I was not able to attend centralized competitions. Still, I enjoyed flying FAI triangles and participating in the German decentralized “DMSt” competition and found a very good companion in the Nano 4 along the way.

LXNAV decided to make the Nano 4 available for me during the 2021 season as well, but unfortunately with competitions being canceled and university schedule colliding with the postponed junior nationals, I was again not able to attend any centralized competition. I still found ways to challenge myself in flying, outside of competitions and I am very grateful towards LXNAV for the support.


My name is Philipp Lauer, I am 21 years old and I started flying back in 2013.
Until that day I gained more than 900 hours of gliding experience. My parents
are also competition pilots, therefore the only possible logical conclusion after
graduating from gliding school in 2015, was taking part in flying competitions
myself.In 2019 I had the opportunity to take part in the German Nationals and Pribina
Cup with a sponsored glider, which was equipped with a LX9000. Thus, I could
check the LX9000 thoroughly under competition circumstances and enjoyed all
the advantages of this amazing device.I upgraded our families’ LS8 to a LXNAV device. Thankfully, due
to the #getsponserd program, I can fly with an LX9070 this season, which will
allow me to perform at the highest level in the upcoming Junior European
Championships and Junior Nationals.Thank you LXNAV for giving us juniors this great opportunity:)