New version for the LX80xx/90xx systems is available – 9.05.

List of major features since version 9.00

  • Weight & balance: added dump rate settings for wing tips
  • Added HAWK netto track and thermal color
  • Added netto for flight track to thermal assistant page
  • Added “Vario” option to speed to fly sound modes
  • Remote stick: Added HAWK reset function
  • Remote stick: added “toggle audio source” function key option
  • Added release notes to About
  • Added undirected airfield icon

There is also an updated manual available; version 9.00, rev.52. Download it here : Download manual.


Important notice

GEN2 devices cannot be updated to version 9.05, because they have reached “end of life – EOL” status regarding Software updates.

Latest version for the GEN2 devices is version 9.02.