Variometers timeline

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LXNAV have produced 10 different types of variometers over the years in two different forms. A standalone version, called S-variometers and the others associated with the moving map LX80/90xx system, called V-variometers.


USB-D is the very old variometer produced in 2008. It was supplied with the LX8000 generation 1.

V5 is the first LXNAV variometer with a stepper motor, mechanical scale and a colour digital display.

V9 is the V5 successor. The V9 was the first variometer on the market with an inertial platform (gyroscopes, accelerometers and g-meter).

V8 and V80 are the first glass cockpit variometer based on the V9 inertial platform. V80 is also the first 80mm sized variometer from our series.


S7 arrived in 2012 and was an instant big hit, the first easy to use and connect vario. Connection to moving map’s like oudies and a flarm source made it the perfect variometer

S3 is the most affordable variometer for club gliders, simple to use and dependable at a great price

S80 was the first 80 mm complete glass cockpit standalone variometer with inertial platform.

S8 is the S80’s little brother and works the same, just a bit smaller for 57mm panel space.

Both S8 and S80 are also available in a club version, it has the same hardware but some limited software functions which can be upgraded to full S80/S8 later

S10 and S100 are the next step up from the S8 and S80 with built in Flight recorder and backup battery but the same inertial platform