Version 7.05

  • bugfixes and improvements

Version 7.03

  • thermal screen improvements

Version 7.02

  • bugfixes and improvements

Version 7.00

  • added new scales desing
  • added new cursors
  • added nonlinear scale
  • added radio bridge support
  • added task/save/export/delete
  • added airspace warnings
  • added AAT possibility
  • added navigate to nearest
  • added near list
  • added new navbox layout
  • added task remain navbox
  • added wind on BT and PDA port
  • added waypoint elevation settings
  • improved flap tape (more smoother)
  • improved waypoints names loaded from cup files
  • improved loading waypoints files and airspaces. Files are now saved in the device, so you don’t need the SD card for them to load anymore.
  • improved MacCready/Bugs/Ballast dialog visibility
  • improved PDA for second seat
  • bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 6.47

  • bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 6.45

  • added task edit/save/delete/export
  • multiselect .cup files
  • added NMEA settings (choose NMEA sentences type)
  • added navbox altitude gain in thermal
  • added flarm configuration
  • added airspace warnings
  • added admin mode
  • added posibility to change red cursor style
  • added navigate to nearest point
  • added wind on PDA and BT port
  • added waypoint elevation
  • PDA improvements for second seat
  • bugfixes and stability improvements

Version 6.25

  • added zone elevation edit
  • added loading CUP files with tasks
  • added navigation functions in thermal screen
  • added flarm for club versions
  • various bugfixes and improvements

Version 6.14

  • Profiles improvement and bugfixes
  • AHRS password lock
  • various bugfixes and improvements

Version 6.00

  • added Profiles
  • showing Vario/SC mode on scale
  • editing navboxes according to a SC/Vario mode
  • flarm showing bugfixes and improvements
  • added possibility for leveling AHRS
  • NMEA improvements for showing file copying status
  • various bugfixes and improvements

Version 5.52

  • implemented flap tape
  • implemented speed tape
  • Fixed bug with AHRS licensing
  • minor bug fixes

Version 5.50

  • implemented flap sensor option
  • AHRS licensing for repeater units
  • added icing symbol
  • fixed issue with displaying flarm net data
  • managing with external targets from GPS or PDA
  • displaying of flarm warnings
  • improved communication with Oudie
  • minor bug fixes

Version 5.46

  • Fixed issue with flarm data on PDA port
  • Display of Obstacle warning like on other LXNAV instruments
  • Removed gear warning, if no inputs are presented
  • Added netto for red diamond
  • Implemented some new settings for waypoints on map
  • Corrected beeping for PFLAA warnings
  • Added new setting for displaying PCAS alarms
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 5.43

  • Battery management
  • Bug fixes

Version 5.36

  • Minor bug fixes

Version 5.33

  • More user friendly firmware update over ZFW file
  • Power management improvements
  • Battery management
  • AHRS fixes (offset, on/off)
  • Declaration from Oudie
  • Declaration to nano, nano3 and flarm
  • Fixed direct link
  • Supported new remote stick
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.00 

  • Initial release