New database – March 2018

Database, News
Updated Airports in Australia, EU, USA. Updated Airspaces in Australia, EU, USA, NZ, Africa, S.America. Latest database can be downloaded here:

New firmware – NANO ⁴

Firmware, News
We are pleased to announce that new beta firmware for NANO4, which supports terrain and maps is available for download. You can try it here. There is also a new manual available at here. Revision history: terrain and map wind indication thermal assistant added navboxes (ETA,ETE,tETA,tETE) updated Flarm symbols updated menu customizable info screen (widgets)

Coming soon – Nano4 Update

We are glad to announce new features for the Nano4 (Terrain, Map, Airspace visual and audible Warnings, Thermal Assistant). Update will be available very soon. Meanwhile you can check latest features here:

New database – November 2017

Database, News
Updated Airspace and Airports in Europe, Africa, N. America, Australia. Latest database can be downloaded here:

New database – August 2017

Database, News
New AT airspace and some airport frequency correctrions. Latest database can be downloaded here: